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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Aztecs and Turks... the Juggernaut civs.
While I don't think people will be using the Turk/Aztec combo in the 2vs2 BHS tourney, I think these two nations have something about them that can surprise a good many players. It's that once they get the upper hand in battle, they stay that way. I call them the Juggernaut civs because they are relatively slow in the booming process. But once they get rolling with their initial attack, they keep rolling faster and faster, becoming nearly unstoppable.

The Aztecs are pretty one-dimensional. You have to either Ancient Age Rush or Raid with them, and then follow-up by raiding in Classical to get more resources (having them go against the Maya is a near-death sentence), and finally aim for Gunpowder Age to spam Barracks to get the 3 free Light Infantry (making sure to upgrade Arquebusiers after the 1st Barracks so the ramp costs for upgrading them won't be so high).

The Turks are also pretty one-dimensional. Most players going against them will expect a lot of siege in Medieval to Gunpowder, but their beginning game is a little slow, even with the cheaper citizen costs and cheaper Military research at the Library. A Kamikaze rush will slow them down enough to where you can boom ahead and prepare to push back their initial attack.

I just ended up playing a rated game vs. Hiromu online. I chose random as normal and got Aztecs, while he chose the Turks. Of course, knowing these two civs, my strategy was obvious.

I've posted the game vs. Hiromu at RoNU:

Anyways, after watching the replay, Hiromu has obvious deficiencies, which are: scouting for Ruins, and booming. However, his combat micro is very good, and for aggressive players, that's just as good as econ macro for us passive players. After this game, I think I'll practice a few aggressive strategies with the Aztecs and Turks... and maybe even the French. The thing about one-dimensional civs in 1vs1 is that they're pretty easy to counter. However, these civs are great for team games because combinations of these civs, even when you know what's coming, is nearly impossible to stop without having some help.

Other semi-Juggernaut Civs: Mongols, French, Spanish, and Romans.

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