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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Chinese and Turk's (and Maya, of course) Benefit to Power Rushing
Power Rushing is just a term where you sack the enemy Capital, and keep pressing the attack using the Sack bonus. Most of the time, the Capital will be taken back, and the best thing to do is just use the bonus resources to boom. However, sometimes after a sack bonus, I'll immediately go to Classical Age to upgrade my Heavy Infantry and Slingers and get a Stables up for Light Horses (or even Heavy Cavalry, if you can manipulate the correct ruins and timing to make it to Classical Age before you get the Capital Sack bonus). The benefits of the Chinese and Turk's is their ability to keep the Capital until your opponent is defeated via the timer.

Chinese: They get a very good quick start, and if you can scout really well with 2 Citizens, a nice but slightly delayed *100 Kamikaze Rush or Delayed Classical Rush works very well. Once your opponent's Capital is assimilated, it automatically becomes a Large City. That means half it's City HP will be filled, and it will auto-heal itself. In the meantime, you have instant-citizens to start building Towers and a Temple. Attrition works nicely, but I prefer the Militia upgrade with the Chinese. =)

Turks: They get fast assimilation, and cheaper Citizens. When the Capital is assimilated, build your Citizens there and start making Towers and a Temple, and even upgrade your attrition. Once a tower or two goes up, there's no chance your opponent will take the Capital back unless he has a teammate with available Siege.

*100 Kamikaze Rush. You research Sci 1 and then Com 1. It only really works with the Chinese (possibly the Nubians, but without the good Capital holding capability) because of their Instant Citizens and Merchants. If there's no fish, don't worry. Get enough Citizens to fill your Timber to +100, and have an extra Citizen to scout, and another extra Citizen to build a Market. You'll most definitely be able to find a Rare or two to give you a food bonus... most likely you'll end up with +8o, but you could get lucky with +90. Anyways, that's all it is. You can proceed to the normal Mil 1 research with 5 Heavy Infantry and 3 Slingers, or go for the Delayed Classical Rush with 6 Heavy Infantry, upgrade them when you reach Classical and they're on their way to the enemy's Capital real sneaky-like, with a Stables going up to make Light Horse for back-up.

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