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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Chinese Border Push Strategy
After playing two games with smurfkiller and getting thoroughly whooped, I reviewed the games to see what he did. At first, I though he was using a map hack, because in both games, he deliberately built his 2nd City forward without scouting for trees, and after building it, found trees nearby where the fog of war was covering it. He also scouted out all the rare resources very quickly and thoroughly. In the 2nd Game, he somehow knew where I was building my 3rd City, and sent his own Citizen(s) to attack mine that were just starting to build it.

Call it coincidence, luck, or a map hack... whatever the case, I've been playing with the Chinese and doing his I-don't-care-if-I-don't-see-wood forward 2nd City build, and everytime, I've been able to find a good clump of trees. I go for my 3rd City, and get Mil 1 and Classical and Mil 2 to raid. Building a temple at my far forward 3rd City, the Chinese go Medieval and start a direct attack on the 2nd Economical City, or even the Capital.

The reason why this strat is so strong is that the Chinese can quickly cap their resources at 100 with Instant Citizens. And if they do find Timber by building the 2nd City far forward recklessly, this helps them tons to forward build their 3rd City even closer. A thing that's overlooked is that Large Cities push their City Limits much further than Small Cities. See where this is going? Get that 3rd City far forward with a Temple, you get the majority of rares in your land, you get the better clump of trees and mountains on most maps, and you starve your enemy out of important resource spots. This means the enemy will most likely have to build their 3rd City, or even their 2nd City, sideways.

This gives the Chinese the fastest border push, and because they're Large Cities, they can easily hold off against a Kamikaze Rush while building their 2 Foot Archers... because it will take so much longer to take a Large City down than a Small City.

My observations in recorded games are pretty accurate, but regardless if smurfkiller is using some kind of map hack or not, he's got a very good strat with them, and this strategy makes the Chinese more manipulative against other Nations. That is why I updated the Chinese to take the place of the Koreans of the Top Tier Nations, and the Koreans taking the spot as the lowest Top Tier Nation, while the Japanese fall behind the Germans for the Mid-Tier Nations.

Once I get more games going and practice the Chinese strat a little more against other expert players, I'll post my games, and the games I lost to smurfkiller.

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