Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Friday, December 12, 2003

El_Capitan humbly accepts Out4Blood's offer to guest write on his blog.
For my first post, I will post an expert tip (because it requires a great deal of micro):

When possible, try to get a Fort up ASAP and a General. Build a Tower to research attrition to the max. Now with your General and 5 Light Cavalry, this will be your defense, especially if your enemy's border is quite a ways away.

When your enemy approaches, he will have his supply wagon defended by his troops. Not to worry. Use one of your Light Horse as a distraction to pull his army towards it. With your 4 other Light Horse, have your General included with it, and use the Ambush ability. Now, just run and attack the supply wagon(s), after killing them, run away, and your Light Horse get away safe and sound (because if they aren't attacking, such as running away, they cannot be seen to be attacked unless the enemy has scouts, and even then, the only way to stop it fully is to have ranged Heavy Infantry).

I've used this manuever against expert players as Russia, and it's proved devastating. Even pulling away with a win vs. Maya. If they come back with 2 or 3 more supply wagons, it will buy you some time to reinforce your army, while your opponent's army has to heal itself back up, or fight with usually a lot less hit points than before. Also, if you feel like you can take out their siege while you're at it, then do so. It's a really big blow to an attacking enemy when you pull this little trick off.

How to defend against it? Make sure when you attack, you use your own General to Ambush/Hide your supply wagon from getting killed, or have a few scouts on hand with ranged Heavy Infantry.

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