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Sunday, December 14, 2003

El_Capitan's List of 2vs2 Team Strats for the BHS tourney.
There are many 2vs2 Nation combinations to use, ranging from the very aggressive to the very passive style of playing.

Very Aggressive. These very aggressive nation combos involve mainly the Turks, and can even take out the frustrating Maya nation, making it very powerful. The most aggressive styles of playing require great micro, correct manipulation of Ruins, precise build orders, and absolutely flawless teamwork. The risks may be great, but so are the rewards.

1. Turks and Mongols: This is the most aggressive nation combination. The Mongols and the Turks pull a 2:00 to 2:30 minute Classical, with the Mongols having 4 Horse Archers and 2 Light Horse at the Turk's enemy Capital near 3:00 to 3:30 minutes, and the Turks with 4 Catapults, followed by a Foot Archer and a few Heavy Infantry ASAP.

Weakness: The reason the Mongols must reach the Turk's enemy is because if the enemy knows this attack is coming, the Turks are very susceptible to a Kamikaze rush. The Mongols are protected because they can micro their 2 HA and 1 HC from a Kamikaze rush after their original 4 HA and 2 LC are en route to their partner's base or the Turk's enemy Capital, still commencing with their siege attack, or helping defend the Turk's from a Kamikaze attack. However, because the Mongols and the Turks are in Classical, instead of in Ancient Age, they have a distinct advantage over the Kamikaze rushes.

The players must make sure that the Mongols get the Capital sack bonus in order to build more Heavy Cavalry and Stables for the free Horse Archers. Meanwhile, the Turks must make their way to Medieval Age to get their free upgrade to Trebuchets as quick as possible after the first player goes down. Then it's game over.

The Feint: The Feint is when the Turk/Mongol strat is known, and the enemy prepares to counter correctly against it by doing a double Kamikaze rush, aggressively attacking the Turk player, or going 1/1/1/1 Classical for an early defense on the non-Maya side with LC and Foot Archers. In this situation, both the Turk and Mongol do a fast Classical, but instead of the Turk building Siege, the Turk builds a few defenses and tries to boom while the Mongol raids the non-Maya player and helps defend the booming Turks. If the Feint works correctly, the defensive players spent too much early resources on a defense that wasn't needed. All of a sudden, the Turks are in Gunpowder Age with their powerful Turkish siege supported by Jannisaries and the Mongolian Cavalry.

2. Turks and Spanish: The Spanish are a bit riskier, but depending on the amount of Ruins they get, can produce a great many Heavy Cavalry and Foot Archers from Barracks. They will be slower than the Mongols, but much stronger. It will all depend on how many Ruins they find, and how well the player can manipulate them.

3. Turks and French: Similar to the Spanish, the exception is having a healing Supply Wagon, and the best Heavy Cavalry in the game. Because of this, they won't need to have Foot Archers, but can use Horse Archers, making it quicker to reinforce and protect their HC. It's less powerful but faster than the Spanish, and slower but more powerful than the Mongols.

Aggressive. These aggressive nation combos mainly use the Maya to filter out any Kamikaze rushes. These strategies cannot take out the Maya nation early, but the goal is to take out the non-Maya (or non-defensive) player instead. These strats require good micro, correct manipulation of Ruins, and precise build orders. Teamwork is always essential for any type of aggressive strategy. The risks and rewards may not be as great, but there's also less vulnerability to Kamikaze rushes or combo attacks. The reason for this is because the Maya cannot be Kamikaze rushed, and the other Nation doing a fast Classical attack with a few Horse Archers first makes it easy to defend Kamikaze rushes by themselves.

1. Maya and Mongols: The Mongols commence with their fast Classical 4 HA and 2 LC, while the Maya do an Ancient Age Kamikaze attack towards the non-Maya player. It must target a non-Maya player because these combo attacks do not use siege, so it is doubly important for the Mongol player to make sure and take out any opposing Maya's citizen(s) that might be building a tower at the partner's Capital.

2. Maya and Spanish: Basically the same thing, with the Maya doing a Kamikaze rush, while the Spanish does a fast Classical to help double the non-Maya player with Foot/Horse Archers and Heavy Cavalry.

3. Maya and French: Again, the same thing, with the Maya doing a Kamikaze rush, while the French does a fast Classical to double the non-Maya player with Horse Archers and Heavy Cavalry, along with their Healing Supply Wagon.

Passive Aggressive. Passive Aggressive strategies include any Maya combination, but does not involve any early aggressive attacks, but can focus on Medieval Age attacks. The Maya combination focuses on the Maya in sending an early Citizen and help build a tower at their teammate's Capital. Both players must do a 1/1/1/1 (or sometimes a 1/1/1/2) Classical to assure better protection vs. any early aggressive attacks. After preparing for any aggressive attacks, the Passive Aggressive Maya strategy involves the basic Gunpowder Age attack towards the non-Maya player.

1. Chinese and Turks: This strategy involves surviving any Kamikaze rushes and trying to raid early in Classical to throw off any boom or fend off any aggressive combo. The Turks mainly build a lot of Siege Factories for Trebuchets supported by Heavy Infantry while trying to make it to Gunpowder, while the Chinese focus on a large Medieval army of their early Gunpowder Infantry.

2. Maya and Turks: The Maya plays defense for the Turks, while the Turks make it to a fast Gunpowder Age attack with their Siege and Jannisaries. If the Turk player is strong, they can even attack during the Medieval Age.

Passive. Passive strategies are mainly Sling strategies or strategies trying to make a quick but powerful Gunpowder Age assault. They are vulnerable to Kamikaze attacks and aggressive combos. However, if they can be left alone, or successfully defended against early attacks, they can be formidable later on.

1. Greeks and Spanish: The Spanish do the fast Sci 2 then Com 2, then acquire 100 of each resource to tribute to the Greek player. After that, the Spanish go Classical after a 1/1/2/2 and prepare to defend while booming. The Greeks must do a 1/1/1/1 Classical, but with nearly 85 Food, 85 Timber, and 85 Wealth early in the game, they can use that to help rapidly boom enough that they can take out their prospective player, or help defend the Spanish player while still booming ahead of everyone else.

2. Aztecs and Maya: The Aztecs try to boom to Gunpowder as fast as they can with a 3/2/2/3 build order in about 10 minutes, then preparing to spam as many Barracks as possible for Arquebusiers and a few Bombard Cannons. The Maya must help defend both the Aztecs and themselves while the Aztecs are able to commence their strong juggernaut attack. With the Aztec killing bonus, the Aztecs can start building their own Cavalry to protect their Arquebusiers and boom, while the Maya continue to play a defensive game.

3. Aztecs and Spanish: The Aztecs do their fast Gunpowder, and so does the Spanish. They defend while they can, but both organize a quick Gunpowder Attack, with the Aztecs building Arquebusiers from Barracks, and the Spanish mainly building their ranged Heavy Infantry. Their defense is not as strong, but if they can survive to Gunpowder Age, these two nations are the biggest offensive threat.

4. Aztecs and Turks: The Juggernaut civs! These nations are really slow in the beginning, and very vulnerable. However, after playing it by ear, and surviving to Gunpowder Age, these two Nations are devastating together!

Very Passive. Very Passive stragies are all about defense and booming. It is very difficult to pull off, but with great teamwork, can work like a charm.

1. Maya and Egyptians: The goal is for the Maya to do the lame strat with a fast Medieval and building the Terra Cotta Army first while the Egyptians build all the other Wonders for a Wonder victory. The Maya must defend the Egyptians and themselves.

2. Maya and Russians: The goal is for a territory victory by having the Maya build a few Forts and Towers in Russian territory, and helping fend off any large assaults.

3. Maya and Koreans: The same territory victory strategy, but with a better economic nation than the Russians.

4. Maya and Inca: The Maya play the defensive role again, but for the Incas. The Incas just boom as fast as they can to Information Age in under 25 minutes to end the game easily.

5. Maya and Greek: The Maya play the defensive role for the Greeks. The Greeks boom as fast as they can to Information Age in under 25 minutes to end the game easily.

There are many other Nations I've not included:


There are a few strategies that can be used with them, but they're not particularly useful. Most of the ones I've listed are for the people asking for help with the 2vs2 BHS tourney. Those strategies are simple but effective. However, if you wish to use any of the Nations above, I can work out a strat with that Nation with whichever style you want to use. Regardless of the strategy, teamwork is essential!

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