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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Learning Hotkeys, Not Panicking, and Looking at the Mini-Map
There are 3 ways to improve your game:

1. Learning Hotkeys. I am a slow player myself, but because of this, I have to play more methodical using hotkeys. The important thing is to keep it simple. A very great feature about RoN is that they actually have scenario's to help improve your micro and Hotkey abilities! When you're ready, just go to Tools and Extras, and Skill Test. My favorite is Whack the General... I could play that game all day. It's boring, but it's great for click-drag selecting, and doing it fast and flawless! The Hotkey Handling is a close 2nd. It's useless in a game, but your reaction speed and hotkey memorization gets really good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these are all from my memory.

I'm pretty lazy, so when I need to upgrade something, I just use the TAB key.
My beginning game is basically using "L" for giong to the Library, and using the "Q", "W", "E", "R", "T" to research the prospective library upgrades.

As for economic buildings:
Clicking on a Citizen, "B" is build:
"F" is for Farms
"W" is for Woodcutter's Camps
"E" is for Temples
"U" is for Universities
"M" is for Mines
"G" is for Granaries
"J" is for Lumbermills
"H" is for Smelters
"N" is for Markets
"Z" is for Oil Wells
"Q" is for Refineries

As for military buildings:
"T" is for Towers
"R" is for Forts
"A" is for Anti-Air Defense
"K" is for Barracks
"S" is for Stables
"O" is for Siege Factories
"I" is for Airbases
"X" is for Missile Silo's

Going to a City, just keep pressing "C". To make Citizens press "V". The same with Universities and Scholars, but it's "U" to go to the Universities, and "V" again for the Scholars.

Now, the important thing is assigning numbers for different things. To do this, just click on the object(s) you want and press CTRL and a #.

Here are my lists of Hotkey numbers, and everybody's is different.
1 = Scout(s)
2 = Citizen Scout, 1st Raider, Spies, or Main Cavalry
3 = Citizen Scout, 2nd Raider, Main Cavalry, or Main Infantry
4 = Citizen Scout, 3rd Raider, Fort, Docks, or Main Infantry
5 = Primary Barracks, Stables, and Siege Factories
6 = Secondary Barracks, Stables, and Siege Factories (during a two-front war)
7 = Airbase for Fighters
8 = Airbase for Bombers
9 = Airbase for additional Fighters or Bombers

A good thing to keep in mind in case you want to know if you have any idle Citizens is pressing ".", and "," for any idle military. Also, if you press ";", " ' ", and "/", you can auto-find your Scouts, Spies, and Generals. Another important aspect is using the "Home" key (or double clicking on your target) to gather ALL the units or buildings of the same type you want.

That's about it. It's just a personal thing with Hotkeys. Z_CP barely uses anything but 100 clicks a minute on his mouse, and he still plays very well. I, on the other hand, use about 10 clicks a minute, but also 10 hotkeys a minute to make up for the additional 90 that I'm not clicking. =p

2. Not Panicking. A great many players panick when it comes to being Kamikaze rushed, being raided in Classical Age, or being Assaulted in Medieval thru Enlightenment Age.

First off, don't panick. Secondly, you are going to have to rely on some micro abilities. Third, don't waste more resources than you need for a defense! During most Kamikaze rushes, you need to buy time, but mostly 2 Foot Archers and a Slinger. Instead of building a tower, build a temple far back to increase your City's hit points, but only if you have enough Timber to spare. You need Foot Archers more than anything else. Keep your Citizens on Wood, but use all your Farmer Citizens to build your Barracks and Temple.

In a raid, if your enemy goes up 4:00 minutes to Classical, don't panick! He'll need to get Mil 2 for HA and HC. Just get Mil 1 amd go up to Classical while building a Tower at your most vulnerable economic position. Get your 1st Stables up, and 2 LC. Research Attrition at your Tower, and then Mil 2, getting 1 or 2 HC out. There's your raid defense. Now once you fight it off, you can raid with them by making 1 or 2 HA to counter-raid, or save them for a future battle that's surely coming.

When you're being assaulted heavily on your 3rd City's border, don't panick. Build 2 towers behind the city or a Fort to buy you some time. You goal is to make it an age-up on your enemy, because if he's attacking before you do, that means he's not booming as well as you are. Remember, buying yourself time is your first goal! However, be sure to have at least some military backing. If you opponent has mostly Arquebusiers and Heavy Cavalry, go up to Enlightenment and just build mostly Musketeers and
a few Fusiliers and Heavy Cavalry. If your city falls, build another City ASAP, and don't send in the rest of your troops to die. Reinforce, reinforce, and reinforce until you know you can take it back. Remember, the enemy wastes resources on Siege, while you're just using it on an army. Also, remember, don't go too heavily on economy in your 3rd City. Your 3rd City will be the front line of attack in nearly 90% of your games. Most chances are that it will be attacked, and if you lose it as an Economic City, you're in trouble.

3. Looking at the Mini-Map. This is very important, especially in team games. Be sure to look back at it at least every 3-5 seconds. You'll find Ruins you passed, a Kamikaze rush en route, or raiders in your town. You need to know what's going on in the game all the time! You'll rarely be surprised if you use my advice and look at the mini-map as much as you can.

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