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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A Standard Army Guide for Early Aggressive Assaults
For those that are wondering what an early army should consist of (like when using siege to take cities), here's a decent guide:

Classical Age: Foot Archers (Timber and Wealth) and Heavy Infantry (Food and Metal). Strongest Nations: French, Inca, and Koreans. See the early spread in resources? You'll have a good army, and quick, because of it. You'll be using Timber and Metal for Siege, but that's okay, that gives you Wealth for Scholars and Food for going up an Age. Most likely your enemy will be using Horse Archers and Heavy Cavalry to raid you with, and an early Cavalry army for defense is much more costly for your opponent... but if you set up an early assault, you want to mainly consist of these units, with a few Light Horse or Heavy Cavalry when you can afford it.

Exception 1: Inca. With the Inca, you can start massing Heavy Cavalry more than any other nation, even the Mongols. You can just build Foot Archers and Heavy Cavalry, and use the extra Food to go up an Age and keep filling any economical needs, or build a few Heavy Infantry for a very aggressive Classical Army.

Exception 2: French. With the French, you can get enough Heavy Cavalry that will serve to protect your Siege, and use Foot Archers to defend against any enemy Heavy Infantry. With a Healing Supply Wagon and cheap Siege, it's very difficult to stop a Classical French army with them just those 2 units.

Medieval Age: Heavy Infantry (Food and Metal) and Heavy Cavalry (Metal and Wealth).
Strongest Nations: Chinese and Romans. You're going Metal heavy at this point, and hopefully you had decent enough micro to save your Siege from being destroyed. With the saved Timber, you can upgrade your University research for more Knowledge, and usually 5 or 6 Heavy Infantry upgraded is enough, as long as you're focusing mainly on Heavy Cavalry. Hopefully you still have Foot Archers still alive.

Exception: Chinese. With the Chinese, you can start making Light Infantry and Heavy Cavalry at this point instead, Foot Archers become useless for them since their UU Light Infantry become the best anti-Infantry unit.

Gunpowder Age: Light Infantry (Food and Timber) and Heavy Cavalry (Metal and Wealth). Strongest Nations: Spanish, Turks, and Aztecs. In Gunpowder Age, the main difference is that Bombard Siege are much more powerful Siege, and your Light Infantry become the anti-Infantry for all the Nations.

Exception 1: Spanish. With the Spanish, you can start making Heavy Infantry that are ranged, and because of this, you can go 2 different ways. You can go Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry, or go Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry. It may not be a good resource spread at this point, but no Gunpowder Age army is going to withstand such an attack.

Exception 2: Aztecs. If the Aztecs survive to this point, it's basically over. The Aztecs use all their Timber just to make 3 free Light Infantry. With 1200 Timber, you can amass nearly 15 free Arquebusiers, and use the extra Food and Metal for Heavy Infantry, the Wealth you're not using for Scholars, and try going up to Enlightenment Age. With such a large army, and quickly, the free resources you get from killing the enemy just feeds you enough to keep your army rolling slowly through all your opponent's cities.

Enlightenment Age: Light Infantry (Food and Timber) and Heavy Infantry (Food and Metal). Strongest Nations: British and Turks. This is where most assaults end, and for good reason. Heavy Infantry become ranged, and Cavalry become less useful. Siege are quick to take down buildings, and less micro is needed to protect them. It's a numbers game at this point.

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