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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

AU_Humble's Mongol Raid/Rush Strategy (Modified by El_Capitan)
AU_Humble sent me an e-mail of a game where he used the Mongols to do a Delayed Power Rush using Heavy Infantry in Classical Age while raiding with Horse Archers. I thought it was a great idea, and although I tried to differentiate it from the normal Delayed Power Rush build order, it was just too much the same. So, I decided to modify it so the raiding is much more versatile, while the Heavy Infantry go about taking Cities, and not necessarily the Capital. To see the Mongol Raid/Rush Strategy in action, a game is posted at RoNU.

Build Order
SCI 1, COM 1, MIL 1, Classical, MIL 2 is all it is. It's similar to the Fast Mongol Raid, but the COM 1 with a Market and capping the Timber at 100 makes a huge difference. You should be able to find at least 2 Rare Resources in Ancient Age, and they will help you fill out your extra resources. You have to be sure that you don't waste any extra Food than you have to. If you find a Rare that gives you +10 Timber and +10 Wealth, and your Timber production is at +90, don't build anymore Citizens except for your Citizen Scout/Stables + Barracks Builder until you reach Classical Age and researched MIL 2. Remember, with the Mongols, you'll gather more Food than normal because of their slight Food Bonus. It isn't much, but it makes a difference.

Once you reach Classical, research MIL 2 before you get your 1st Stables up (in the replay, I mess up because I'm a noob). You will have accumulated enough Timber to build a 2nd Stables and a Barracks (you should have a 3rd Stables up by the time you have 2 Heavy Infantry). Proceed to fill up your nearest mountain for Metal, and start making Heavy Infantry (they will be 5-10% cheaper due to being a Military Age ahead). Meanwhile, use your Horse Archers to raid the:

1. Capital Timber.
2. Capital Farms far away.
3. Caravan Trade Routes.
4. Mining Citizens.
5. 2nd Timber area.
6. Rare Resources.

You should have 6 Horse Archers and 1 Heavy or Light Cavalry (just as a precaution). It won't matter too much because while your opponent is countering your Horse Archers by building Light Horses, he won't have enough resources to stop the Heavy Infantry. If your opponent builds Foot Archers, your Cavalry will make short work of them. The enemy will have to scout early to know if this is coming, and micro out the Horse Archers and let the Mongols take a City (except the Capital) in order to have a large enough army to counterattack.

This is a very deadly strategy in the hands of a good player. Thanks to AU_Humble for this excellent strategy!

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