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Monday, January 12, 2004

El_Capitan's Korean Delayed Power Rush with Militia
Well, here's my new fun little strategy with the Koreans. I've posted the strategy in action at RoNU.

The build order is a basic Delayed Power Rush, with SCI 1 and MIL 1 going to Classical. You build 6 Heavy Infantry and manipulate Food Ruins to get up to Classical. Once you're researching, take every Citizen you have, and send them to follow your 6 Heavy Infantry. All you need to do now is find another Food Ruin or two to get your 6 Heavy Infantry upgraded and you're set. Once you reach Classical, turn all your Citizens into Militia.

On maps with available fishing, you can opt to go SCI 1, COM 1, and MIL 1 going to Classical. You won't need to rely on Ruins as much, but you'll be a little slower. The bonus for this is that if your rush fails, you still have a good enough econ going with fishing that you're still in the game.

Once you sack the Capital, you get the Sack Bonus to start making your Citizens again at your Capital. Then, just research Com 1, SCI 2, and continue booming. Meanwhile, your opponent must make Foot Archers to kill your 6 Heavy Infantry. Don't fret. You should have about 12-16 Militia that eat Foot Archers for breakfast. When he's not attacking, go ahead and turn some of them back into Citizens and start resourcing right there at the enemy's assimilating City!

Plus, you can even have a few Citizens repair the Capital, making it more difficult for your opponent to take it back. Also, once the City is assimilated, another Barracks for Foot Archers, a Stables for Light Horse, and cheap Towers end the game right then and there.

I hope you enjoy it. It may not work if someone expects it, but anyone expecting a rush can easily fight it off. However, if you can pull it off, it's great!

The downside is that you fail to sack the Capital, you're in a bad economic position, and it's a good chance that you've lost the game. There's always hope that you can still come back and win... but the odds are that you're a lot worse off. Unless you are able to find some extra ruins to get your economy back up at your Capital, then you better hope you were sneaky and you're combat micro is good.

The upside is, that the normal Foot Archer counter won't work for your opponent to take back his Capital. Most often times, he won't have enough resources to make anything else to counter the Heavy Infantry/Militia combo unless he's got a good 2nd City econ going, and he's in Classical Age.

P.S. Don't send in your Militia through any territory that has attrition researched, especially the Russians. You'll know why, lol. If you go against the Russians, you'll have to send your Militia on a back-route, but they should be able to safely guard the Capital once you've taken it. Also, some land maps are not good for rushing... Great Lakes for one... and Amazon Rainforest has too many rivers that will slow your Militia down. Using this strat with the Koreans is a judgement call... but it's hella fun to see Militia causing havok in enemy territory.

You can also do this strat with the Maya. You just have to build a Tower before reaching Classical Age, and leave one Citizen behind to build a mine. The Militia upgrade will drain your Metal, and you'll need Metal to upgrade your HI. It's nasty with the Maya, because imagine them trying to take their Capital back from a Mayan assimilation... ugh.

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