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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

El_Capitan's Staying In Ancient Age Strategy?
I've been bored out of my mind lately, so that's why I've been brainstorming new strategies for RoN. If you thought the Korean Militia Rush was wacky, check out my Staying In Ancient Age Strategy games at RoNU.

The strategy works the best with Japanese, but any Nation is capable of doing it well. It is extremely difficult on maps without fishing, but it can still be done.

Your build order remains similar to the Kamikaze Rush, but you don't have to rush right away, therefore you can afford to do a +60/+100 SCI 1, COM 1, MIL 1 build order and hope to find some lucky rare resources to fill in your Food gathering early.

5 Heavy Infantry and 3 Slingers are good enough to get you the Capital, but what you really want to do is take city after city after city and keep them. Usually 6 HI, 3 LI, and 3 FA is a good start for an attack run. You will eventually starve your opponent out of good resource areas by taking his cities, and you will be able to keep resourcing efficiently while engaging in irritating attacks while still in the Ancient Age because you should easily outnumber any army he has with constant production.

Now, there's usually a good time to go up the Ages, and that's when your opponent researches Attrition. However, if you're like me, you'll see how much mischief you can do before finally starting to go up the Ages.

There's no exact build order for this strategy, but that you have to keep building LI/HI/FA continuosly and keep pressing the attack. Try to keep your Food/Timber/Wealth as maxed as possible and your goal is to keep researching COM and MIL. You'll be able to gather more resources with COM, and you'll get discounted units with MIL. Don't neglect SCI and CIV, since things will get pretty expensive to research without SCI and you won't cap your resources very well without CIV (plus you can expand your borders even more with a Temple and the Religion upgrade), and if you are doing it right and taking your opponent's cities, you don't have to worry about CIV upgrades until you need more room for Farms.

The reason this works so well for a while is that your opponent must expend a lot of resources in order to continue booming... needing to make citizens for Metal and scholars for Knowledge, and using a lot of Timber. You, on the other hand, only have to worry about capping 3 resources while still having a growing economy. You should always have more Food/Timber/Wealth than your opponent because of this.

Now, when you decide to go up the Ages, you'll find it rather easy. All you need to upgrade are the Age Techs, and all you need to make are Universities and Scholars, research University Upgrades, and while building Granaries, Lumbermills, and Smelters, you can transfer your extra Citizens to mining Metal. You barely have to make any more Citizens. Also, if you were able to micro well with your army, you can easily keep them alive while booming very fast and upgrade them later when danger threatens.

Try it. It's good practice for micro, and it's fun!

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