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Friday, January 09, 2004

Sending Recorded Games To Me
A few people I manage to meet on GameSpy usually either:

1. Want to play me or play with them in a team game.
2. Want me to teach them something.
3. Want me to watch them play and give them pointers.

Well, I figure I'll do #1 while in GameSpy, I'll do #2 when I'm writing here on this Blog, and I'll do #3 in my spare time by watching recs. So, if you want me to watch your games and give you a few pointers, go ahead and send them to: yo_el_capitan@yahoo.com

Now, I can't watch everyone's games, so please just send me games where you wonder what you did wrong and can't figure out why. I usually have enough time to watch a couple of recs a day with some decent feedback, but sometimes I'm busy with other stuff so don't expect a quick reply!

I've uploaded a Smurf's recs at RoNU who practiced using my tactics/strategies. Yay!

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