Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Touching Up on the Basic Strategies
I guess I may be going a bit too fast for those of you trying to learn some Nation-specific strategies, so it should be a good time to touch up on a few basics.

Kamikaze Rush - An early military force used to capture the enemy Capital to get the Sack Bonus. It will not work vs. Top Tier Nations very well, but the units can still be used to take an expansion City or raze Farms and kill Merchants if it looks like the enemy took precautions vs. a Kamikaze Rush at the Capital. Build Order - SCI 1, MIL 1, 3rd Citizen to make Barracks, finish out maximizing 5 Farms and the original WoodCutter's Camp, then proceed to make 5 Heavy Infantry and then 3 Light Infantry. Head at the direct opposite end of the map, and when 3-4 Heavy Infantry are gathered at one spot, proceed to have the rest of your force meet up with eachother at the enemy Capital. After making the units, proceed to research CIV 1 and a 2nd City. The rest is up to you.

Kamikaze Feint/Boom - A small contingent force used to mimick a Kamikaze Rush trying to get your enemy to waste resources early in the game by preparing unneeded defenses. It works very well vs. Top Tier Nations to slow down their early boom. Build Order - SCI 1, MIL 1, 3rd Citizen to make Barracks, maximize econ, and then make only 1 Heavy Infantry to head towards the enemy Capital and 1 Light Infantry to help scout for Ruins. Proceed on your normal booming build order.

Staying in Ancient Age Assault - Utilizing a massive Ancient Age army to take enemy expansion Cities and slow down the enemies booming process. Build Order - SCI 1, COM 1, MIL 1, maximize economy, build 6 Heavy Infantry, 3 Light Infantry, and 3 Foot Archers, then proceed to CIV 1, and attack while building a 2nd City. Keep reinforcing your army steadily while trying to maximize your economy. Your Library should look like 3/2/3/4 before deciding to up to Classical Age, but doesn't necessarily have to. Basically, play it by ear. The longer you stay in Ancient Age should be determined by how much damage you were able to accomplish. The main thing is to keep building an army. When you feel that you have a large enough army, a good economy, and you have at least 3 Cities, go up the Ages. You can easily get to Gunpowder Age within the next 3-4 minutes from Ancient Age because the only thing you'll be spending any Knowledge on are researching Age Techs at the Library. You can then mount another attack using Siege while upgrading your already massive army to support it.

Delayed Power Rush - A rush delayed specifically to have support from Cavalry units in Classical Age. Build Order - SCI 1, MIL 1, maximize economy and create 6 Heavy Infantry heading toward the opposite end of the map trying not to be seen. Go straight up to Classical, upgrade the Heavy Infantry, build a Stables, and keep cranking out Light Horse while your Heavy Infantry are attacking the enemy Capital. Before the Capital gets taken, be sure to make a mine so that you are given +500 Metal as well as other resources. After the Sack Bonus, make another Stables, research MIL 2, and create more Light Horse from one Stable, and Heavy Cavalry from the other. Any leftover resources should be utilized to make Foot Archers from your Barracks, and be sure to raze your enemy's Capital! If the enemy is well prepared to recapture their Capital, forgot making Cavalry and boom instead.

Aggressive Ancient Age Border Push - There are many variations, but the main point is to aim straight toward the enemy Capital with your 2nd and 3rd City as fast as you can by putting pressure on them early without giving them room to breathe. Build Order - The standard build order is SCI 1, CIV 1, CIV 2, COM 1, MIL 1, Classical. Just push straight ahead with your 2nd and 3rd Cities, you'll find any available resources in the area within your borders. Because of this, you'll be vulnerable to early raiding, and to prevent this you'll have to be aggressive... which is exactly why you're doing an Aggressive Ancient Age Border Push anyway.

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