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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

U.S.S.R. Border Push and the A.S.S. Push and Boom
Well, I've been working on two new strategies. I've been trying to work with the Low Tier Nations in order to get them up to par with the other Nations, so these strategies are good to go as far as using them competitively.

For the Russians: Unified Slinger Scouting Russians/Border Push, a.k.a. U.S.S.R. Border Push

This is a very similar build order to the Kamikaze Feint/Boom, but instead of building a Heavy Infantry to go straight towards the enemy Capital to fake a Kamikaze Rush, you make a Slinger instead, and then the 2nd Slinger. So, first thing to do is research SCI 1, and if you have a 4 or 5 man slot for your first Timber spot, you're good to go. Research MIL 1 and crank out 2 Slingers to help scout for Ruins. If you're low on Timber, like if you started out with a 3 slot Timber, and there's a 3 slot Timber right next to you at your Capital, you can slow it down and get that small Timber spot and build 2 Farms and continue on as planned.

Now, the next thing to do when you have the right amount of Ruins is research COM 1. ASAP, build a Market, and then a Temple. Research SCI 2, and then CIV 1, CIV 2, and upgrade your Religion at your Temple. Your borders should be HUGE around your Capital. Proceed on building your 2nd City and your 2nd Temple, then your 3rd City and 3rd Temple. Go to Classical Age when you can, and then research COM 2 after your 1st University. You're going to have a slow Classical Time, but your economy should be fairly decent, and you should be at your opponent's front yard. When you've scouted most of the entire map, use your 2 Slingers to find and kill enemy Merchants stationed at Rare Resources. If they are able to kill it, make a hasty retreat back to your 3rd City for safekeeping.

As long as your opponent isn't the Spanish, you shouldn't have any trouble finding enough Ruins. A safe bet is to make 2 Foot Archers in case a Rush or a Raid comes along, a Tower with Militia upgrade, and your attrition should do the rest of the damage. It's not necessary to be that defensive, but many good players will rush the Russians early since their economy will be at their weakest. Go up to Medieval Age ASAP and start going heavy on Cavalry while Booming. You'll be playing a passive defense using your Light and Heavy Cavalry until you know you can press an attack. What this does is it makes the opponent focus on building Heavy Infantry while you're booming to Gunpowder Age to make Arquebusiers that counter them.

I let someone test this strategy to see how it would work. He won more games than he lost vs. good opponents that had Top and Mid Tier Nations... most of the time via Territory Victory. They are weakest vs. the Spanish... but what Nation isn't except the Maya?

P.S. The French can also be tough early in the game when they're aggressive, too. A modified additional tactic/strategy is to quickly build a Fort behind the 3rd City and go up to Medieval Age ASAP to get the UU Light Horse and some Spies. The Library should look like 2/2/2/2 upon going Medieval.

For the Aztecs: Aztec Slinger Skirmish/Border Push and Boom, a.k.a. A.S.S. Push and Boom

This is an old strategy of mine, but I refined it a little bit. Go SCI 1 and them MIL 1, make 4 Slingers (these Slingers are stronger than ordinary Slingers, so the only thing that counters them in Ancient Age is Heavy Infantry... and Heavy Infantry are easy to run away from).

After the 4 Slingers are made, you can do a standard 1/1/1/1 Classical to go for early Raiding while using the 4 Slingers to raid and harass your opponent... or you can use those 4 Slingers to Scout for Ruins and do the U.S.S.R. Border Push variation. However, instead of playing it passively defensive, build 2 Stables in Classical Age and keep alternating HA and HC and constantly raid. Don't ever stop.

Maximize your economy. You can go for an early Gunpowder and spam Barracks, but I found that it wasn't really neccesary. You can take your time as long as you keep raiding, and you'll make it to Enlightenment before your enemy even gets to Gunpowder! I've not lost yet with this strategy, but there are weaknesses. The trick is to keep raiding and never stop. You'll keep feeding yourself enough resources that you won't need to stop, and your economy should be left untouched.

Using these new strategies require much micro and good planning manipulating Ruins. I like these two because one's really defensive while the other's really agressive. Of course, if there are fish on the map with the water touching your Capital's border, go ahead and do a SCI 1 and COM 1 start, you won't need to make Slingers to scout for Ruins, unless it's Great Lakes.

Let me know how they work out... the early Slingers give a great boost to these Nations strengths.

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