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Sunday, February 29, 2004

El_Capitan's Training Regimin for RoN
A brief synopsis on areas you need to improve on to become a better player at RoN. I do not do any training regimin's for anyone, but these are what I tell most players to focus on depending on where they're starting in the game.

Noob: If you're just starting out, I'd suggest getting familiar with the Micro, Hot Keys, establishing Control Groups, and learning how to Maximize your Economy. You don't even have to play Multiplayer games to practice this, just play through the Skills Test options such as Whack the General (my favorite), Hotkey Handling, and Aging Madness - Age 8. No one can help you out in this aspect, you're mostly going to have to explore on your own. The most important thing I'd like to mention is establishing Control Groups. They make a very big difference, and it enables me to instruct you further on how to use those Control Groups to make a difference in actual multiplayer games. Open up every User Interface in the game screen, such as the Top Left UI that displays the market buy/sell rate and the amount of workers assigned to each resource. Familiarize yourself with everything out there, including pressing F12 to display particular items of interest about you and your opponent's Nation.

To Control Group, you have to click on a unit(s) or building(s) and hold {Ctrl} and {any number from 1 through 0}. After it's Control Grouped, just pressing that number will enable that object, and pressing it twice will bring the screen to that object. Here are my list of Control Groups, and it's best if you followed my order if you never bothered with making up your own.

#1 = Scout
#2 = Raiding Units
#3 = Assault Units (Secondary Raiding Units if no Assault Groups available)
#4 = Fortress (Third Raiding Units if no Fortress Available)
#5 = Main Barracks, Stables, Siege Factories (if it's a water map, make this Control Group active for all your Docks)
#6 = Secondary Barracks, Stables, Siege Factories (if it's a water map, this Control Group becomes your Main)
#7 = 1st Airbase (mainly for Fighters)
#8 = 2nd Airbase (mainly for Bombers and Helicopters)
#9 = 1st Missile Silo (until the Modern Age, this will be used for any scouting/building Citizens)
#0 = 2nd Missile Silo (until the Modern Age, this will be used for any scouting/building Citizens)

Rooks: Now that you've gotten used to the fundamentals of economic management, it's time to learn a few things to improve your speed. Manipulating Ruins, Basic Strategies, Raiding Micro, Raiding Defense, and Sieging a City. Focus on looking at the Mini-Map frequently, and practice moving your units just from the Mini-Map. This is a good time to learn how to start learning how to do the different types of Rushes, and how to defend against them.

Inters: Then you'll learn the build orders for Nation Specific Strategies, and know their strengths and weaknesses. Learn the different map types, and certain build orders for maps with fishing that will enable you to boom much faster earlier on.

Good: At this point, you need to focus on the little things. Precise scouting patterns, Citizen Scouting, understanding Building Completion Bonuses, Tactical Maneuvers, the list goes on. Review your recorded games and those of other players. Understand the mistakes, the strong points, the differences in Nation Balance.

Expert: At this point, you should be teaching me how to play and get better at the game!

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