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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Farm Razing Tactic/Strategy (FART)
For TuF_wown:

This was a tactic/strategy I used back when I playtested. It isn't extremely effective, but it merits some advantages if done correctly. First of all, you have to think about your enemy's reaction. If you show up with 5 Heavy Infantry, they're naturally going to have to build a Barracks and at least 1 Foot Archer. Otherwise, their Capital has a chance to become sacked. However, with the Kamikaze Feint available, they can just ignore a single HI and let the TC fire kill it out. This is where FART can come into play. The purpose of this tactic/strategy is not to sack the Capital or take Cities, but to deplete your opponen'ts Timber supply. Farms cost Timber, Barracks cost Timber, and Foot Archers cost Timber. If they make a Barracks and then Foot Archers to take you out, but you still take out 2 or 3 Farms, plus a Merchant if you're lucky, they're going to be in a lot worse situation than you are. They will not have much Timber to effectively build their Farms back up, and you're slowing down their Food rate.

The build order if fairly simple, and very similar to that of the Kamikaze Rush. However, instead of building your standard 8 unit army, it will be a modest 4 unit army. You can build 4 Heavy Infantry, or build 3 Heavy Infantry and 1 Light Infantry, 2 Heavy Infantry and 2 Light Infantry, 1 Heavy Infantry and 3 Light Infantry, or 4 Light Infantry. The 4 HI is beneficial because they will take out Farms the fastest, but it only takes 1 Foot Archer to take them all out. The 4 Light Infantry is beneficial particularly if you're the Aztecs, Maya, or Bantu since only Heavy Infantry can take them out in Ancient Age. You can easily micro the Light Infantry to kill it, but you won't take out as many Farms. Citizens can hurt Light Infantry, but then they're not going to be resourcing, and you can easily micro your Light Infantry to take the Citizens out while still trying to take out a few edge farms (Farms that start out far away from the Capital. Light Infantry can easily take them out with distance, and some players have bad habits from playing AoE, RoR, AoK, or AoC and build their 4th and 5th Farms as edge farms.).

I usually go with the 3 HI and 1 LI. 3 HI can usually take out 2 Farms while the enemy is building a Barracks to make a Foot Archer. I can save my HI by retreating them for use in later assaults by protecting them with the single LI. If you're lucky, you might even be able to take out 3 Farms or more, plus a Merchant. If you think about it, killing 1 Farm costs the enemy an extra 56 Timber (if they only have their 5 Capital Farms). Killing 2 Farms cost the enemy 52+56 = 108 Timber, and killing 3 Farms cost the enemy 48+52+56 = 150 Timber, plus they're losing +30 Food they gather per 30 seconds. The Barracks costs 120 Timber, and the Foot Archer costs 42 Timber (not too clear on this number) plus Wealth. You're going to be slowed down initially by building the 3 HI and 1 LI, but remember, you can path them to at least find 2 or 3 Ruins on the way to the enemy's Capital, effectively making up for lost time and resources.

You will need to micro quite a bit, and the usual gameplay will be thrown off. It's not going to give you a big lead over your opponent, but enough to slow them down especially if they're heavy Classical Age raiding players.

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