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Monday, February 16, 2004

Greek Medieval Power Raid Variations
This is for TWC_LoKaTziS... Spad's evil counterpart.

This is with Greeks on a non-fishing map, making it harder to pull off. The strategy leaves a lot of room with Timber and is focusing on early Wealth and Knowledge. With a quick MIL research, they can easily prepare to defend against a Kamikaze Rush. Since this strategy involves raiding with the Greeks, they should even have adequate raid-defense. They are vulnerable to heavy Classical Age attacks, but since they are going for a quick Medieval, 2 Foot Archers, a Tower, and two upgrades on Attrition (2nd Attrition upgrade only with SCI 3 researched, however) could deter any Nation besides the French from an all out Classical Age attack. Being an Age ahead has it's perks.

First, Research SCI 1, then COM 1. Fill up your WoodCutter's Camp and make your 1st Scholar. Make 1 extra Citizen to help scout, 1 extra Citizen to immediately build a Market, and 1 extra Citizen to scout your enemy for signs of a rush. You should be able to find your 1st Ruin before making your Market, so when you get the Ruin, make your 2nd and 3rd Scholar. When your Market is finished, make your 4th Scholar. Now that that's out of the way, don't make anymore Scholars!

Your 2nd Ruin should give you Timber, but your 3rd and 4th Ruin need to give you Wealth. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! With the Greeks, you need to play them flawless in order to beat Top and Mid Tier Nations on land maps without fishing. With the 2nd Ruin Timber, make your 4th Farm with the Citizen that finished your Market. Make another Citizen to fill in your 5th Farm. Now, when you see your 3rd Ruin, queue up your Scholars! Make sure your Wealth is your lowest resource, then get the Ruin. Unqueue your Scholars. Do the exact same thing with your 4th Ruin. You should now be able to research SCI 2. Depending on how slow or fast your Ruin scouting is, you may have to research CIV 1 before SCI 2. It's all up to you, but no matter what, you need to research CIV 1 next. Make your 2nd City, have your Merchants go to your 2 nearest Rare Resources, make a Caravan, and max your economy at 100.

Your Library should look like 0/1/1/2. When your economy is capped at 100, you want to focus your Ruins on Food. Go up to Classical Age. Make your extra Citizen at your 2nd City. Research MIL 1. Build your Stables with that extra Citizen and keep him there. Research MIL 2. Keep manipulating any Ruins you find for Food. Make 3 HC from your Stables. Just have 1 HC go Raiding. Get a mine up as soon as you get your Stables built, and fill the mine up as much as you can. Finding Ruins for Food will be important. If you have enough Timber, make extra Farms at your 2nd City just to get the Food completion bonuses. Your Library should look like 2/1/1/2. If you have somewhere around 340 Knowledge, research COM 2. If you don't, don't. You should have enough Timber for a Barracks or a 2nd Stable. In this case, build your 2nd Stable with that idle Citizen. Queue up 2 HA from your first Stable while you're waiting. Go up to Medieval Age.

You should have enough Knowledge to get COM 2. Once you get that researched, sell all your Food. Queue the 4th HC at your 1st Stable. Upgrade your HC and then your HA at your 2nd Stables. You should have 2 Medieval Age HA and 3 Medieval Age HC (4 if your 1st Classical Age HC is still alive). Go raid!

At this point in time, max out your econ at 150. Research CIV 2 and build your 3rd City. This is where you boom. If you want to play it extra safe, build a tower and research the 1st and then research SCI 3 for the 2nd level of attrition before you start booming. If it feels worthwhile, make a few more HA and HC to raid. You probably won't need to. Your HC are fast, and 3 HC can kill 1 Citizen in 1 hit. Or, you can raid with your HA and guard them with your HC. Use your best judgement. You should be able to get your economy up to 200 before you get to Gunpowder Age. By then, your economy should be really high, and you should be able to start massing LI and HC for a standard Gunpowder Age assault.

A variation is instead of building a 2nd Stable, make a Barracks instead. From your 1st Stable, just make 2 HC and raid in Classical. People who get used to the Medieval HC raiding might find counter strategies for it. With your Barracks, make HI. Make a Siege Factory and 1 Catapult. Go up to Medieval Age. Upgrade your HI and Catapult to a Trebuchet. Have your HC upgraded and raid the furthest City. Meanwhile, have your HI and Treb attack the closest City. You'll either kill a good amount of Citizens, or take a City. Either way, you're benefitting. Start making upgraded HC and LC to take out the FA he'll start making. Keep charging.

A 2nd variation is slowing down the Medieval but still making HC to raid. Meanwhile, research CIV 2 and COM 2 and max your economy to 150 while trying to make it to Medieval. You can push a nice assault in Medieval Age instead of deciding to Power Raid.

The 3rd variation is the one I used in the game vs. TuF_wown. Plan the normal Medieval Power Raid, but instead of booming to Gunpowder, focus on a Medieval Age Assault. Again, focus on making either HC and FA with 2 HI, or HI and HC with 2 FA. A supply wagon is optional (only if the enemy has attrition and if you'll be seiging outside your territory). 1 Trebuchet is all you really need, but depending on how well you raid and measuring the amount of resources he probably spent on raid defense, you can afford to wait a little bit for the 2nd Trebuchet.

The greatest strength that this strategy posesses is the ability for the Greeks to assess the situation and adapt. They get a very nice early boost in Knowledge which won't be surpassed by any other Nation until after 10 minutes because of the constant early aggressive raiding. Their fast HC can outrun HI very well, and sometimes even dodge TC fire, as well as having good armor protection and HP against it. Being an Age ahead means they can also take out LC and HC from the Classical Age.

P.S. I played my first semi-serious game in a long time against TuF_wown. His oddly delayed Kamikaze Rush slowed us both down. It wasn't the best game from either of us, but you can at least see the Greek Medieval Power Raid in action. I found that a Kamikaze Rush would work well against this strategy, so in future games, I will have to expend an extra Citizen to go scout out his territory to see if his border's are pushing. If it isn't and he only has 1 City, you will have to go MIL 1 quickly and get your Barracks with 2 Foot Archers up. Plus, I used a variation to get a Tower up and the 1st Attrition, and realized I couldn't research the 2nd Attrition since I would need SCI 3 researched. Still, being an Age up with Attrition is the same as if he was the same age with the 2nd Attrition researched.

At first, I thought starting off with a HA would be best, but after this game, starting off with HC raiding is better. Followed by HA raiding. At least I was able to spot the Barracks with my suicide HA. Also, another mistake (remember, this strategy is still being refined as I write this, lol) is that I upgrade HA first when I reach Medieval, instead of HC. Normally, you should have 3-4 Medieval Age HC upgraded at the 6 minute mark if everything goes to plan... in this game it takes as long as 9 and a half minutes. Much too slow. Plus, I should have researched MIL 3 and bought Food to go up to Gunpowder much sooner than I did. The game was pretty much over at that point so I didn't focus on displaying the Gunpowder Age part, but you should understand the standard Gunpowder Age assault well enough by now.

With the oncoming possibility of a delayed Kamikaze Rush in the works, I had to slow down my Power Raiding to deal with it. While this is not a very strong strategy, it at least brings the Greeks into decent contention into Mid Tier area on non-fishing land maps, and may possibly be a very strong strategy into the lower Top Tier levels on land maps with fishing.

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