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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Late Raiding Tip in Gunpowder Age
Since we're kind of on the subject with General's... a great thing to do in Gunpowder Age is mass HA raid with a General. Build 10 HA units but make sure you queue them up inside your Stables until you're ready to raid. When you have a General giving a +2 Armor bonus or whatever it is, upgrade your HA and make sure they're on RAID stance. You don't even need to worry about microing around Towers, just evade enemy armies and Forts. Right-click past the enemy Capital, and you'll be sure to take out Caravans and Citizens as if a tornado just passed through his territory. The only thing that will stop them are ranged Infantry units, since any LC and HC following them will not be able to hit them, and the HA will be able to fire at them while moving.

The General has two uses:

1. It gives the HA armor, which HA doesn't normally have. Armor works really well protecting against TC fire.
2. If you're being chased, Forced March will leave your enemy units in the dust.

I've done this many times in the past, and it's very dangerous to players who aren't prepared. Recently, I had a player do this to me, and it hurt me bad since I wasn't prepared. I actually had to Age up and research Minutemen to fight it off... at the cost of many Citizens. Citizens are vulnerable in Gunpowder Age because they can't quite become Minutemen to fire back.

Plus, almost no one expects a HA raid in Gunpowder Age!

P.S. When I was working on the game, I did many unit-tests... and nearly nothing beats massed HA from Gunpowder and Enlightenment Age on the run, not even LC (unless you micro each individual LC to target a HA). Only things that hurt them are Ranged Infantry, including Minutemen... but you can easily run away from them to another area. Couple that in with a General, and you've got something scary.

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