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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Recorded Game Showcase!
Things really are slow! However, I did manage to get a great recorded game. Remember folks, besides the KBS clinic for noobs, you can also e-mail me your recorded games at yo_el_capitan@yahoo.com and I will find time to watch it and give you feedback on areas of improvement.

The game that I'm featuring stars Vince (Offensive-French) vs. Nut (British). Vince is not a smurf, well, not a good one at any rate. He is a genuine up and coming player of RoN. Nut is also a very good player, and I wish I had more recorded games of him.

This game starts with Vince doing a Classical French Raid, and Nut counters the raid pretty well, and manages a sneak attack on Vince's Capital with a Delayed Power Rush! It looks as if it should be over for Vince, since Nut does a splendid job at razing Vince's Library, WoodCutter's Camp, and 4 Farms. However, I think Vince saved himself by market trading for Timber and Wealth early before his Capital gets captured to make the necessary Barracks and Foot Archers and he brings back his left-over remnants of his cavalry raiding force.

Vince does a very bad job of raiding, but still does a good job of keeping Nut busy. He also does a very dumb move to do a Delayed Counter Power Rush which fails miserably. He also has idle Citizens and Military. However, he does a splendid job of out-maneuvering his opponent and scouting. He takes Nut's Capital briefly, and returns the favor with razing most of his buildings. While Nut manages to take it back, Vince's economy is so good at that point, he does a two-pronged attack. A small force distracting Nut's attention to focus on his 3rd City while Vince's main force takes the Capital again to ensure the victory.

Nut does a very good job of raid defense and being sneaky with the Delayed Power Rush. However, he should not have attacked and killed the merchant on the Cotton Rare Resource. An expert player would have seen that in the mini-map and prepared adequately to stop the oncoming rush. He doesn't boom after the Capital Sack bonus, nor does he press for an offensive. By not doing either of those things, he loses the initiative, and I think that's what cost him the game. Plus, he was using the British, a Mid Tier Nation vs. the French, a Top Tier Nation. I believe Nut still had the game won had he chosen to start booming and counter raiding after taking Vince's Capital.

After watching this game, I've decided that if I place in the Top 8 in the MFO/BHG Random Offensive Nations tournament, I will give the beta for the expansion pack, Thrones and Patriots, to the player with the best recorded game I see. There's a catch:

1. You can't place in the Top 8 because you'll get the T&P beta anyway.

2. You have to win that game unless you lost to a person who went on to place in the Top 8.

3. Since all the winning recs have to be posted on MFO, I will be reviewing the posted games after the first day of the tournament.

Of course, it all depends on if I make it that far to give something away like that, so wish me luck! =p

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