Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Small Tip for a Siege Assault
Some players who play a passive defense will make a lot of light cavalry units to: 1) Prevent HA raiding, and 2) Kill Supply Wagons and Artillery units. Unless you have ranged Heavy Infantry, the player should be reasonably successful in taking out your Siege Units to slow down your assault.

To prevent this, build your Fort and make a General. When your enemy comes charging out to take out your Siege Units, simply hit the "Ambush" ability and pack up your Siege temporarily. If the enemy has Scouts, simply have your army kill them, and then focus on the Cavalry. Sometimes you won't need to pack up your Siege, because every time you stop firing, your Siege are hidden again, and your Supply Wagon never attacks, so it will always be invisible unless an enemy scout is in LOS of it. The enemy Cavalry will freeze every time your Siege disappears, so if you're microing well, you can take advantage of that delay.

Decoy works, too, but it does not last very long because it only takes one hit for the decoy to disappear.

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