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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Hehe, the Drunken Strategy
I'm drunk, but I think I just came up with a new strategy. It's not very well furnished yet, I just got thinking of it, but I shall try it in the tourney on Sunday (or Saturday, if my competition seems tough). Hehe, this is so funny, it's funny. <-- I was drunk when I came up with this.

Okay, for those of you that don't know my Drunken Strategy, here it is. It's a better variation than the one used in the Random Offensive Nations (RON) Tournament, because it requires more booming than quick attacking.

Research SCI 1 and MIL 1. Make a Barracks. Create 1 or 2 Heavy Infantry to head straight toward the enemy's Capital. Then make 1 or 2 Light Infantry to help scout for Ruins. That's it! Make sure your HI are on RAID stance, and take out Farming or Timber harvesting Citizens. You should easily slow down the enemy's economy, and the only way for them to kill the pesky HI is to make a Foot Archer. Ingenious idea for a drunk, eh?

Now, after your Tier 1 Library is complete, it should look like 1/1/1/1/, but you can get SCI 2 before going Classical if you prefer (1/1/1/2). You should easily take out 4 to 5 Citizens with your HI, and find 6-8 Ruins with your LI. You should have a very quick start.

After that, just boom like crazy, but make 2 to 3 Light Horse for raid defense. And if your opponent decides to raid you, you're so far up, that there's no way he can out boom you.

Don't make a clumsy mistake to take the advantage for an early assault in Classical Age or Medieval Age. This is how you'll lose. Instead, you need to boom like mad. Don't raid in Classical Age, either. Most likely your opponent will have 2 Foot Archers that took down your HI. Those FA will kill your HA, along with 1 Light Horse if he makes any.

So, basically the Drunken Strategy is how you play the first two minutes of the game, the rest of the time you're sobering up and booming. =)

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