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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Random Offensive Not So Random
Since practice makes perfect, the next best thing is taking advantage of the settings and using it to your advantage. I made a mental lapse attacking too early instead of booming against TWC_Shadowz in both games, but that just goes to show you that you can't make any judgemental mistakes in this game. Plus, practice and training is much better than taking advantage of situations. =)

So, how did I take advantage of the settings? Very simple.

In my days playtesting this game, I bugged the fact that Random, Offensive, Economic, and Defensive weren't all that Random. No two players can get the same Nation when Random, Offensive, or Economic, but players can get the same Nation in Defensive because if there are 8 players playing, all choosing Defensive, then 2 players would get Maya, 2 players would get Chinese, 2 Players would get Russia, and 2 players would get Koreans.

Here's another instance: Say 8 players were playing a game, and everyone chose Offensive except one player who chose French. Then someone has a chance of getting French along with the player who chose French, but no one else would.

Cutting to the chase... I knew what the other player's Nation was once the game started. Here's the analysis:

If Host is:
Aztecs then Non-Host is Japanese
Bantu then Non-Host is Turks
French then Non-Host is Bantu
Germans then Non-Host is Aztecs
Japanese then Non-Host is French
Mongols then Non-Host is Germans
Romans then Non-Host is Mongols
Turks then Non-Host is Romans

So, if I'm hosting, and I get Aztecs, I know my opponent is Japanese. It's not that much of an advantage, but it's still an advantage.

Anyone else want things to be really random, or do people prefer it this way where people like me can thwart the system?

P.S. In the tourney, you'll see me as the host in all of them except for my very first game. Here's why:

- Aztecs vs. Japanese
- Bantu vs. Turks
+ French vs. Bantu
+ Germans vs. Aztecs
- Japanese vs. French
+ Mongols vs. Germans
- Romans vs. Mongols
+ Turks vs. Romans

4.5 to 3.5 ratio in getting a better Nation match-up as the Host.

- Aztecs are slow boomers, and unless they can make it to Gunpowder Age and juggernaut past the Japanese (who will most likely have just about the same or more military units) they don't have much of a chance.

- Bantu are great border pushers with that extra city, but the Turks have a nasty defense using their Siege, and also have a great offense using their Siege. Those Bantu cities won't last long.

+ French... do I need to explain why the French are better than the Bantu?

+ Germans... see Aztecs vs. Japanese.

+/- Japanese are pretty good, and they are closely matched by the French, but I'd still prefer the French than the Japanese.

+ Mongols used correctly can defeat the Germans. My drunken strategy failed to get a quick win vs. TWC_ShadowZ... which goes to show you that it's not always about having the better Nation, but who plays better with the better overall strategy.

- Romans have a decent start, but can't match up to the Mongol's raiding and booming ability.

+ Turks have an advantage over the Romans hands down unless the Romans can defeat the Turks before they reach Gunpowder Age.

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