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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Rise of Nations Oscar Nominations!
List 3 names for each category at RoN Universe, and you cannot name yourself, your own clan, or your own site! The Top 5 names counted for each category will appear in a poll to see which one is voted as the winner for that category! The deadline for nominees will be March 15th... the Ides of March! Why even have such a thing as this? Simple. New players who join the online community will want to know a few things.

1. They will want to know what good sites there are for RoN for strategies and tech support.
2. They will want to know who to talk to and what recorded games to see.
3. They will one day want to join a clan.
4. They will want to know if there are any cool mods and custom scenarios.

Having a nice list with an extensive link to the most active players, clans, sites, and supporters will make it much easier for these people to get involved.


Best Overall Player

Most Entertaining Player

Best Team Player

Best Strategist

Favorite Old School Player


Best Skilled Clan

Best Clan Rivalries

Best Contributing Clan

Best Clan Site

Best Up-and-Coming Clan

Sites (non-clan affiliated):

Best Downloads Site

Best Strategy Site

Best General Topic Site

Best Technical Support Site

Best Overall Site

Supporters (Players who don't play much, Site Administrators, Custom Scenario and Mod Designers, and Tech Support):

Most Active Supporter

Most Informative Supporter

Best Scenario Designer

Best Modification Designer

Best Technical Support Helper

P.S. Don't forget to vote for RoNU's Recorded Game & Recorded Game Contributor.

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