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Monday, March 15, 2004

Rise of Nations Oscar Nominees!
A great many people provided great information as to who should be selected for the RoN Oscars. Without further ado, here are the Nominees (please click on the link to vote for them using RoNU's polls and be sure to vote for RoN Universe's Best Recorded Game and Favorite Recorded Game Contributor!):


Best Overall Player
Top 5 Nominees: TWC_ShadowZ; El_Capitan; PCA_Frogman; TuF_Astator; AU_niDe

Most Entertaining Player
Top 5 Nominees: El_Capitan; Bacchus-F; TWC_ShadowZ; PCA_Frogman; Arch_Apollyon

Best Team Player
Top 5 Nominees: {BLuT}1210MKII; TWC_ShadowZ; WH_LordAOF; TWC_Goofy; KIWI_Pest_Control

Best Strategist
Top 5 Nominees: El_Capitan; Arch_Apollyon; HalfLotus; Out4Blood; TWC_ShadowZ

Favorite Old School Player
Top 5 Nominees: Heavens_Myst; Carch; Liupang; Swinger; Z_CP


Best Skilled Clan
Top 5 Nominees: PCA; TuF; TWC; AU; KIWI

Best Clan Rivalries
Top 5 Nominees: TuF vs. TWC; TWC vs. PCA; TuF vs. AU; TuF vs. WH; TuF vs. BC

Best Contributing Clan
Top 5 Nominees: Infidels; KBS; AoI; TWC; AU

Best Clan Site
Top 5 Nominees: Infidels; AU; RU; PCA; BLuT

Best Up-and-Coming Clan
Top 5 Nominees: BC; TuF; FSF; KIWI; AU

Sites (non-clan affiliated):

Best Downloads Site
Top 5 Nominees: RoN Universe; MFO; RoN Oracle; PCA; RoN Heaven

Best Strategy Site
Top 5 Nominees: O4B's Blog; RoN Universe; RoN Heaven; MFO; RoN Oracle

Best General Topic Site
Top 5 Nominees: RoN Heaven; RoN Oracle; RoN Universe; MFO; RoN Revolution

Best Technical Support Site
Top 5 Nominees: RoN Heaven; RoN Universe; MFO; RoN Empire; RoN Oracle

Best Overall Site
Top 5 Nominees: RoN Heaven; RoN Universe; MFO; O4B's Blog; RoN Oracle

Supporters (Players who don't play much, Site Administrators, Custom Scenario and Mod Designers, and Tech Support):

Most Active Supporter
Top 5 Nominees: TWC_Morrigu; Out4Blood; TheGoodEvil; I_War; Cowboy

Most Informative Supporter
Top 5 Nominees: Rohag; Out4Blood; I_War; TheGoodEvil; One_Dead_Angel

Best Scenario Designer
Top 3 Nominees: Daleron; Berlin9487; LordCirone

Best Modification Designer
Top 3 Nominees: One_Dead_Angel; jedianikansolo; LordCirone

Best Technical Support Helper
Top 3 Nominees: I_War; TheGoodEvil; TuF_Richter

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