Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Friday, March 19, 2004

Rise Of Nations Oscars Update:
Well, it looks there have been many turnouts for the voting polls, and I figure the best time for the voting poll deadline would be April 1st, 2004. What better day than April Fool's Day?

Now, there are some arguments that some people may be creating new accounts at RoNU to place an extra vote, or numerous clan members that don't really play RoN are voting for their own clan site, clan members, etc... just remember it's all about appreciating the people that have played a great role in the online community, and everyone deserves credit for that.

Also, there will be a Honorable Mentions category. Because so many people have finally tuned in to vote and didn't get a chance to nominate certain people that have led a shadowed RoN existence... this will be the time to do so!

So, if anyone that isn't on any of the Oscar Categories that deserves to be mentioned, this is a great time to mention them!

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