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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

To: TWC_ShadowZ, TuF_Astator, and PCA_Frogman... The Final Four!
The Final Four!

Three games.

Game 1: El_Capitan and TWC_ShadowZ vs. TuF_Astator and PCA_Frogman

Game 2: El_Capitan and TuF_Astator vs. PCA_Frogman and TWC_ShadowZ

Game 3: El_Capitan and PCA_Frogman vs. TWC_ShadowZ and TuF_Astator

I think this would be a really cool idea since this may never ever happen under ordinary circumstances. It would give many current and future RoN players much pleasure to watch back on these games before T&P gets released... who knows who will stay and who will drift off to other RTS adventures?

First of all, I'm asking if you guys would be willing to do this. There's no glory, no money, and no pride at stake... it'll be just for the pure enjoyment of such a set-up! If you guys all agree, then we should coordinate a time we can get together and play. We should all decide on the settings. My suggestion for the settings would be:

Teams of 2

Random Land Map

Standard (4-Player Map Size)

Everything else would be Default except for Game Rules set to "Custom" and Victory set to "Conquest". Elimination will stay set at "Capital". Tournament Play will also be checked.

As far as Nation choices, each team will list a group of 5 Nations that the other team may not choose. Once that list is made, each team chooses their Nations (the same Nations can be chosen) and we each get 5 minutes with our teammate to discuss the strategy before the game starts.

Well... who's in?

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