Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Monday, March 08, 2004

The Winner of El_Capitan's T&P Beta Contest!
The winner goes to WH_LordAOF in his game vs. me in Round 4 of the tournament.

In this game, I do my Drunken Strategy with an early HI raid at his Capital, but WH_LordAOF is able to make a Barracks in time to kill it before I kill nothing more than a Merchant.

I commence a small raid in Classical Age while he surprises me with a full bore Medieval Age assault on my 4th and 3rd City.

Congratulations on a game well played!

There were only 4 other games that were submitted, and TuF_Lex displays a truly good game with raids, a sneaky late attack on the enemy Capital, and then a massive attack later on in the game. NeoPHeniXXX_R6 displays a brutal Aztec early game while KRG_Redfish submits a game with an impressive standoff at his enemy's base with an early expansion. _Q_ also displays a good game with maneuvering his troops in battle.

The games are uploaded at RoNU and some are uploaded at MFO.

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