Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Monday, April 26, 2004

A total of 7 pretty entertaining games from this weekend. These will probably be the last games I ever play for the original RoN since T&P comes out this week.

El_Capitan 1vs1 Last Weekend (Rdm- Greeks) vs. soft79 (French).rec
I do a fast Medieval Greek HC/HA Raid, and I find soft79 with a small French 100/150 army. However, I raid pretty well, and am later able to boom and push toward his Capital once hitting Gunpowder Age. By making a fast Medieval Age, I get my cities to become Large, buying me time to boom and gather an army.

El_Capitan 2vs2 Last Weekend (Rdm- Spanish) vs. I_clan.rec
I do a Spanish Delayed Power Rush against someone who prepares for it. I manage to capture his expansion city and slowly set up camp there to take his Capital once reaching Gunpowder Age.

El_Capitan 2vs2 Last Weekend (Rdm- Japanese) Staying in Ancient vs. TCN.rec
It's been a while since doing a Staying in Ancient Age strategy, so I try it against the TCN clan. I make a few mistakes, but it works out well enough. I capture his expansion ciy and slowly set up camp there to take his Capital once reaching Enlightenment Age. RoN is the only RTS game I know where you can spend 16 minutes in the first Age and still end up winning the game.

El_Capitan 3vs3 Last Weekend (Rdm- Bantu) Delayed Power Rush vs Maya.rec
I didn't plan on doing a Delayed Power Rush, but getting close to Dyer's Capital with the Bantu, I figured it wouldn't hurt.

El_Capitan 3vs3 Last Weekend (Rdm- Turks) Classical Assault.rec
I do a semi-fast Classical Age assault on my partner's enemy in Great Lakes.

El_Capitan 3vs3 Last Weekend (Rdm- Germans) Conquest.rec
I get rolled, and later find out that the settings were on conquest. I go back to my "scrubbing" ways and boom to Information Age despite at one point having only 1 City. Their pocket player drops in favor of a computer, I think they could have won it if he didn't drop.

El_Capitan 3vs3 Last Weekend (Rdm- Greeks) Fast Gunpowder Boom.rec
The last game of the weekend. I get Greeks on African Wateringhole and my partner gets surprised by a heavy raid/assault. I manage to make it to Gunpowder Age in around 11 minutes and quickly upgrade to Arquebusiers and upgrade my HC to help. I make it to Enlightenment in around 15 minutes. Not the best game, but the Greeks left alone to boom freely in a team game with fishing is probably not a good thing to let anybody do.

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