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Thursday, April 15, 2004

RoN Oscar Speeches Part 2 of 10:
Speeches were edited by El_Capitan for a "G" rating, and to fix bad spelling and grammar. =p

Best Contributing Clan: KBS

First we would like to thank everyone for their votes! The reason we do the things for the community (n00b Clinic, Gladiator's sheets and articles, etc...) is to try and build a stronger community so we have better competition, and more people to play with. We at KBS are glad to see our labor isn't in vain as some of the people we have helped are starting to play in more competitave games. Thanks for the votes and we'll try to keep as much help as we can coming!

Best Clan Rivalries: TuF vs. TWC

The rivalry has already existed when TWC was still RIL, but TuF used to sweep the floor with RIL. The funniest part of it was that RIL members always challenged TuF members to a game, and lost almost all of them. Later, RIL turned into TWC, and TuF had some “die-out” problems. TuF_Prophet lost his RoN CD, and 2 other members left, so the clan was getting pretty small (pretty much only Raider and Astator). TWC got more and more skilled and eventually became equal to TuF and better since they had 4-5 experts, while TuF was limited to two. TuF won the Poseidon tourney, which was the latest serious clan vs. clan tournament. The finals were TuF vs. TWC. -From a TuF representative

The rivalry between TuF and RIL (now TWC) began its illustrious career from the very first day RoN was released; that rivalry continues to this very day. The bitterness for one another started in RoN’s lobby where plenty of mouthing occurred. There were instances where we would be dishing it out at each other in the lobby, and when it came to playing, it was always a hyped-up ordeal. TuF was the better clan in the early days of RoN, but RIL could still give them a run for their money. The job of trash talking in RIL was almost completely occupied by me, unlike TuF where only TuF_Astator didn’t have a job in the trash talking area. Nonetheless, all RIL players got pumped up to play TuF, and likewise for the TuF members.

Both clans – although we wouldn’t admit it to each other – were very skilled and had many good RTS players. Skill and ego on both sides caused a lot of friction between the clans. TuF made short work of RIL in many team games, and it wasn’t until RIL transformed into TWC that things began to change. TWC picked up many new members increasing her skill level, noticing this, TuF also went at adding new members but with little luck. There were many bitter talks between each other in those days, and tons of good games that were mainly dominated by TWC. TuF for the most part disbanded shortly after some crucial defeats in 3v3’s against TWC, with all players but richter and astator leaving to do other things. Meanwhile, TWC improved their skill and continuted to pick up more members. Even after TuF disappeared for a while from the RoN scene, there was still a lot of hot steam between the two. At least Richter always had something to say to TWC. =)

Eventually heads cooled off and we developed a mutual respect for one another. TuF began to it's slow growth process in adding new members, along with the ever increasing skill of astator and richter. Then raider re-appeared on the scene and TuF really livened up, recreating the great rivalry. This time things were different, the serious mouthing was replaced by humorous jabs at one another. One thing never changed though; the great games that appeared when a TWC played a TuF. Both clans have ruled RoN throughout its existence, and had for a long time hated each other. Now there is only respect for each other, but still that burning desire to beat the other. It seems everytime a TWC plays against TuF, there is something more on the line than just a win. The rivalry has cooled off a bit, but with two skillful clans, you will always see a hell of a game when they clash. -From a TWC representative

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