Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Despotism Delayed MIL --- Mongol Despotism Delayed MIL 3 Rush/Raid
Watch 2 games here.

Well, the Mongols already had quite a few strategies up their sleeve. I've just added one more.

It started with these:
1. 2:00 Minute Fast Classical Raid
2. Mongol Fast Classical Rush/Raid

And here's the next one:
3. Mongol Despotism MIL3 Rush/Raid

It's a lot slower than their usual Rush/Raid, but more powerful. Much like the Roman Despot Rush. You'll get 3 HA from each Stables again.

Game 1:
El_Capitan (Mongols) vs. MaX_Dreadlock (Rdm- Spanish).rcx

Game 2:
El_Capitan (Mongols) vs. TuF_Astator (X-Rdm- Americans).rcx

Build Order: The build order is simple. Despotism Delayed MIL is what I call a rush-prone build order where you go to Classical Age, build the Senate, and research Despotism before you research MIL 1 and MIL 2. This is risky, and a rush can kill you, but you save many resources if you're not rushed.

Basically, start off with SCI 1 and COM 1. If it's a fishing map, go to Classical Age next. If it's not, then get CIV 1 and then Classical. Build the Senate, research Despotism, and then MIL 1, MIL 2, and MIL 3. Be sure to mine for metal as soon as you build the Senate and fill them out to the max.

Build a Barracks, upgrade your HI, and then start pumping out Stables after MIL 3. Raid with HA, take cities with HI, and make a few HC and LC to support against FA.

Have fun with it!

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