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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Egyptian's Fast Hanging Gardens Military Boom
The latest version of this strategy can be seen in this game vs. TuF_HenWen.

After being manslaughtered by PCA_Frogman using Nubians, I felt that playing heads up with the Egyptians was the wrong thing to do. I was actually trying to do the fast TCA, but the fast HC/HA raid slowed me down (any attack against the Egyptians early, and they've got problems). Therefore, I came up with a new strategy with the Egyptians. After many games trying to perfect this strategy, I finally got it down pretty good. I lost a game before vs. TuF_HenWen using this strat a day ago (he was Nubians). However, I think prevailing against the Germans is good enough to warrant this strategy actually letting the Egyptians breathe into being a competitive Nation.

The build order is pretty simple. The Egyptians can easily have a +100 economy for Food and Timber with a +24 Wealth just by having SCI 1 and COM 1 with just one City! Basically, just concentrate on getting to that mark, and building a Market when able. The sooner the better. Manipulate your ruins to get this done faster, and at least one point in time, you might want to get a Wealth Ruin. Once you get to the economy described above, start building the Hanging Gardens. It should cost 150 Food and 150 Wealth. Once you're doing that, make sure you have 5 Citizens building it. Continue to research MIL 1 and then CIV 1, and then Classical Age. No matter what, get a Barracks and a Tower up ASAP. This will save you from an early Rush. The 150 Food cost sounds like a lot, and it is. However, getting SCI 2 in Ancient Age is much the same thing (120 Food and 120 Wealth). Except the Egyptians won't have a problem because once they research SCI 2 in Classical Age, they only use 100 Wealth and 80 Knowledge, saving the 120 Food and since they're Egyptians, will have made up that Food by having a higher Food Cap.

The problem with other Nations getting SCI 2 and COM 2 in Classical Age is that they'll be slow in getting COM 2 because of the lack of Knowledge. However, with the Egyptians having the Hanging Gardens, they'll have +50 Knowledge accumulating right off the bat once it's done in Classical Age. You'll find that they'll make a quick Medieval Age, Gunpowder Age, and Enlightenment Age. All they need to do is research Despotism to make cheap FA and HI for Raid and Assault Defense. Militia comes in handier than attrition.

They don't need Scholars. I repeat, they don't need Scholars until Gunpowder Age. Universities yes, Scholars no. You can get them, but they won't really boost your Knowledge count much. Instead, I'd invest in buying Food and Timber for more Slingers to ready an attack in Gunpowder Age. Then, go Monarchy to get cheaper HC and then start getting Scholars after you get both University Upgrades.

That's it, and while it takes a good amount of practice to survive until Gunpowder Age and Enlightenment Age, it won't take you long. Certain games when not being attacked early, I was able to make an 11 minute Gunpowder with a considerable Arquebusier army, and then a 14 minute Enlightenment Age along with some HC.

Good luck, and most of all, Have Fun. =)

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