Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Game 1: Funk_ (Rdm-X-Americans) vs. EPiC_BloodBath (Persians).rcx

Unlike the old Mayans, which could play defensively and boom, the Americans seem to be able to do the same thing but with an army. The Americans attempt a rush while booming, but the Persians had a few military units out there, thus the rush switches to a raid. Note the fast TCA and then the Hanging Gardens. The mass Slingers and HI with the Senate General healing them were enough to fend off the early assault... and the General got away with a HC bribe. At the end, the Americans have a heck of an army. It would have been nice to see Elephants in the action with the Persians.

Game 2: Funk_ (Rdm-X-Dutch) vs. Lazy_Old_Man (British).rcx

The Dutch does a quick Classical HC/LC/HA raid while the British plans a late-Drunken strategy with a FA and HI. Those Dutch are able to boom pretty well, and the Cavalry units just keep on coming. Again, the TCA/Hanging Gardens combo appears. With good booming Nations like the Americans and Dutch, I can see that being very powerful in future competitive games. Great raiding by the Dutch player... he even catches the British off guard with units not garrisoned or upgraded.

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