Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Government's Overview
After playing more T&P, I can honestly say which Governments are worth getting. Go here to see the Government's description on the Official Website for T&P.

Classical Age (Despotism or Republic): Winner is Despotism!

The game has gotten a lot more aggressive, and unless you're one of the few Nations that can get away with a good solid defense and the ability to cap their economy at +200 very easily, then it's needless to say that Despotism is the government of choice. If you're defending, you need more Barracks units than Stables units, so it's better to get Despotism to defend than Republic. If you're offensive, Stable units are more important, but by saving on Barracks units, you can also make more room for Stable units.

Suggestion add-in's for Republic: Ruin Bonus +50 (can stack with the Spanish Ruin Bonus), Market Trading enabled without COM 2 researched and +10/-10 buy/sell at the Market (can stack with the Nubian Market Bonus, but that's a tough call), Granaries, Lumbermills, and Smelters 33% cheaper to build.

Those suggestions may make Republic too strong, so a 10% cheaper Barrack's unit upgrade (does not stack with other Nation's Barrack unit upgrades) might be needed for Despotism.

Gunpowder Age (Monarchy or Democracy): It's a TIE!

It's a nice balance between these two Government types. Depending on whether or not I'm still attacking, I usually pick Democracy.

Industrial Age (Socialism or Capitalism): Winner is Socialism!

Air and anti-Air is so important in Modern and Information Age that Socialism wins out over Capitalism by a wide margin. Oil is easy to get and cap unless your territory is considerably constricted.

Suggestion add-in's for Capitalism: Anti-Air units and building's 25% cheaper and 25% stronger. Refineries and Oil Wells 33% cheaper. Nuclear Missile (not the ICBM) researched twice as fast and 50% cheaper.

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