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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Lakota Counter Rush
7 games with me using Lakota over the last week. They can rush pretty well, but what happens when they get rushed themselves? They're pretty much in trouble. Therefore, I created a new strategy where they "counter" rush.

A few of these games were still in strategy development, so you'll see a lot of mess-ups and different build orders. The latest game using the Lakota Counter Rush was vs. KIWI_Pest_Control. That's the perfect scenario for the Counter Rush.

The one where the Lakota loses is against TuF_Astator with him being Romans. The best thing would have been to go after where his original Capital just to slow his resourcing down, but I don't think I would have won anyways.

The one where I play against Russia is pretty good. I think ROSA_SHIMAKO makes a mistake moving his Capital, because he would have had his +500 for all resources sooner to fight me back when I had a smaller army at that time.

So, the Lakota can:

1. Rush
2. Counter Rush

All they need now is a boom build order. If they can manage to do that, the Lakota can be a tricky Nation to play against, and a tough one to figure out how to stop.

Build Order:

Send your 2 starting Citizens to the other side, and the same for your next 3 Citizens coming out of your City. Research SCI 1 and then COM 1. Fill out your 1st WoodCutter's Camp and then build a 2nd one at a good spot and keep going until you reach +100 for Timber. Build a market, and get rares. Research CIV 1 and build your 2nd City as close to your enemy's Capital as you can. Go up to Classical Age.

When in Classical Age, start building your Senate at your new City, and then Research MIL 1 and MIL 2. While doing that, be sure to mine Metal. Research Despotism, and once that happens, start making HI and HC. Even a Catapult or two. Research COM 2 when able because you'll want to eventually buy/sell for Wealth.

Remember, if your original Capital is being attacked, be sure to raze your Library, WoodCutter's Camps, and Mines. You should be safe because you'll be able to switch your Capital by the time your Original Capital gets conquered. With your left-over Citizens, retreat so they can gather Timber and Metal in neutral territory. You'll see this being used in the game vs. KIWI_Pest_Control.

That's it. Watch the recorded games, make a few adjustments, and you'll notice that the Lakota Counter Rush is a nice versatile strategy. However, the Lakota are predictable, that's why they need a good boom strategy to keep opponents guessing at what the Lakota will do. It will be most likely that a Drunken Rush (1 HI to raid enemy Citizens) to HC/HA raid and territory push is their best bet for a boom.

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