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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Lakota-Spanish Tower Rush
Watch the game here:

Team 1:
El_Capitan (Lakota)
TWC_TheGoodEvil (Spanish)

Team 2:
Nut (Indians)
Hank (Aztecs)

Well, MaX_DreadLock came up with a Tower rush strategy with the Lakota, but I found it difficult to be effective against good players. So, I had an idea with the Lakota teamming up with the Spanish to figure out where the good resource areas were for my guy's 2nd City using Spanish's free Revealed Map Bonus.

This is the first and only game so far, so the strategy is pretty sloppy, but still rather effective. Once I make sure my guy has a hard time resourcing Timber, I double my partner's guy by raiding.

TGE does a good job in maintaining pressure on Nut while I'm doing my Tower rush. Nut comes to save the day by helping Hank out, but that lets TGE to boom freely. Once I'm done with my Tower Rush, I can focus on raiding Nut. It was a sloppy raid, but TGE was able to make a formidable enough army to take him out. So basically, this strategy makes it a 2vs1 game where the other person is still in the game, but so crippled he's spending most of their time trying to catch up and find places to resource.

The Lakota can build on neutral territory, the Spanish can see all the territory on the map. Most players will build their 2nd City forward if possible, so the Spanish should first tell the Lakota player the best Timber spot that the Lakota's enemy will most likely go. Meanwhile, the Lakota makes sure their first 5 Citizens go to that spot, and the rest is filling up the WoodCutter's Camp back at their Capital. Once that 1st Tower is up, the Spanish points out the next best spot. Meanwhile, the Lakota makes a Barracks and starts building some HI, LI, and FA to take any 2nd City that actually gets built. Enough resources should accumulate (plus finding Ruins), where the 2nd Tower can go up at the 2nd Forest area. A great thing about sending the extra Citizens, they can be used to attack enemy FA (didn't do it in the game though)!

The unique New Nations in T&P bring in a whole new flavor of Team Strategies yet to be fully explored. Imagine what could be next! Perhaps a Roman Despot Rush with Korean Militia as support? Spanish and Dutch Merchant Rare Resource Raiding (Spanish shows where the enemy rare resources are, and the Dutch send their Merchants there first to prevent the enemy from resourcing them). Maybe even a Maya-Lakota leapfrog. The Lakota builds their 1st City near an enemy, and the Maya builds their 1st City closer and starts building forward Tower's on the enemy Capital. Then the Lakota can raze their city and while en route to the other guy's Capital to build in the corner to do the same thing. The possibilities have reached a new level. =)

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