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Saturday, May 01, 2004

The New Nations
I finally had some time to play Thrones and Patriots this weekend and watch a few recorded games to get a feel for the New Nations. Not only am I describing them in alphabetical order, but they're also close to the order I'd rate them from Strongest to Weakest. If anyone has a good recorded game to share for T&P, please e-mail me at: yo_el_capitan@yahoo.com

Americans: They greatest asset is their flexibility. I can see an optimal build order for them, similar to that of any other Top Tier Nation that is able to manipulate other Nations. Remember the Maya? The Spanish? The Americans seem to be next in line for a nerf. They're one of the quickest starters, and they stay that way. They're only Nation that can boom as fast as any other Nation, while rushing at the same time. The best strategy I've seen with them is a Classical Delayed Power Rush while booming to Medieval Age to get the Terra Cotta Army instantly at around 6-9 minutes, and then building the Hanging Gardens. When I tried them, I had a large army, and made it to Gunpowder at 11:00 minutes, and Enlightenment at 14:00 minutes. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is.

Strengths: A very quick start, a good boom, and great bonuses with powerful unique units late in the game... they're strong like bull.

Weaknesses: The only thing I see working against them is attacking them as soon as you can, and keeping up the attack as much as possible. The only thing is that any Nation doing that against the Americans will have a bad economy.

Dutch: They are very versatile. Imagine getting lucky and being able to see Papyrus right at the start, and then finding Diamonds with your Scout. The Dutch start with 2 free Armed Merchants. Put 1 and 1 together, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind waiting an extra 15 seconds before researching SCI 1, right? They are extremely flexible like the Americans, and they boom fast like the Nubians. They're the only Nation besides Nubians that start with a Market, and they get COM 1 researched for free for them right at the start. That's almost like the Aztecs starting with a Barracks along with having MIL 1 researched for free at the start... it doesn't seem very fair. They are a blast to play though, and if you get them on water maps, OMG they're scary!

Strengths: A very quick start, a great boom, and while they don't have many bonuses, their cheaper Commerce at the Library is all they really need to make them a powerhouse.

Weaknesses: I'd say try to outboom them, but that'd be tough. I'd say raid them, but that'd be a waste of time. So I'm saying Rush them. =p

Indians: They are very similar to the Germans, there's really nothing fancy about them, they're just a great all-round Nation. With their War Elephants being upgraded for free, they make for nasty raiders while you're booming up through the Ages.

Strengths: A decent start, a good boom, once they get their War Elephants going to slow down the other player, they've got quite an advantage.

Weaknesses: Their start isn't very good, and with their City Economic Radius being further out, people will try to take advantage of that and place cities where they can harvest both Mountains and Forests together. Meaning resource areas will be unprotected for a while and Raids will hurt them very much, and Rushing them because of their not-so-fast but decent start wouldn't be that bad of an idea, either. Just don't let them get War Elephants to raid you with, or they'll have time to boom.

Iroquois: They are very similar to the Spanish, they're a good quick-starting attack Nation. A quick Barracks for a free Scout brings in double the amount of resources you'd find normally from Ruins, and it's great to leave them idle in enemy territory to see what your opponent is up to. If you can, try to kill your opponent's scout. They aren't particularly strong boomers, but they are great offensively.

Strengths: Only a quick start, and a decent boom, but their offensive prowess makes up for it.

Weaknesses: If they don't opt for a quick Barracks for that free Scout, they'll have an even slower start because they won't be raking in the extra resources from Ruins.

Lakota: The least Flexible Nation due to their low Food income, but their suprise attacks are pretty powerful. I've always rushed with them by sending a Citizen to the far corner right at the start to build a Barracks and then a Stables for a Delayed Power Rush. If you can find the right Rare Resources to give you Food, or if you're on a map with Fishing, the Lakota can be pretty strong with a quick start and military harrassment.

Strengths: You really need to utilize their neutral building advantage. Most good players will know to rush the Lakota because of their low Food income, so once you get a 2nd City in the middle of nowhere and make it to Classical, build your Senate there to switch your Capitals, and commence your suprise attacks.

Weaknesses: A slow start, a slow boom, but the element of surprise has always been the biggest advantage in warfare. Hopefully that's enough of an advantage in this game, otherwise I'd say just attack the Lakota early, and you'll pretty much win. They're also map dependent, if they don't start with Rares near them giving them Food, or any water areas with Fish, they'll be pretty weak.

Persians: If it wasn't for their War Elephants... let's just say I'm glad they get War Elephants. Forget their cheaper CIV research at the Library for CIV 2, concentrate on getting CIV 1 only and 2 Cities to engage in an early battle using those War Elephants in Classical Age. With 100 extra Food, you should make it to Classical Age in decent time. At least defensively, it's difficult for the enemy to Capital rush you to get the +500 Sack Bonus.

Strengths: A quick start, and a decent boom, the War Elephants can help slow down your enemy in order for the Persians to stay competitive, if it doesn't slow themselves down even more.

Weaknesses: They can't Rush very well to take Cities with HI, so don't worry too much about getting rushed when going against the Persians. Outbooming them won't be much of a problem, either.

All in all, each New Nation offers something very different in play-style.

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