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Monday, May 03, 2004

The Roman Despot Rush
Here's a strat for you folks! The Roman Despot Rush!

In this GAME, there are 3 important things to note.

1. The map is Great Lakes, meaning it usually has fish at the start. So I go a SCI 1, COM 1 start and stay with only my Capital. I raze my dock when I know I can't make more fishing boats.

2. The distance to my enemy's Capital is far due to it being Great Lakes. Nut even "feels" a rush coming by looking at the score, and already has Foot Archers at the ready. However, if you use your Ambush with your General correctly, you can take down unsuspecting FA's with the Roman HI.

3. Nut is the Persians. Normally it'd be much more to my advantage getting the +500 Sack Bonus. However, it's not really needed if you can micro your military units wisely. Normally only HI and HC are needed, but since I might be going up against War Elephants, I brought along a few Horse Archers in case I ran into any, plus I use them to raid Citizens.

The build order is fairly simple. If it's not a fishing map, research SCI 1 and then CIV 1. Make your 4th and 5th Farms and fill up your Timber areas. When you're ready to build your 2nd City, make sure it has a nice Timber area as well as a Mountain if you can. If you can't, then just the Timber area is fine. Make sure your Scout only grabs Food from Ruins. Keep making Citizens to help build your 2nd City. When your Timber slowly catches up, research COM 1. Build your 2nd WoodCutter's Camp and then a Market... then cap your Food by making the necessary Farms. You should be able to research SCI 2. Keep getting only Food from Ruins, and have 1 Citizen start making a Barracks.

Once you reach Classical, the first thing you should do is build a Senate, and then a mine. Your Food and Timber should be capped at 100, and your Wealth income without a Caravan or Merchants that give Wealth should be at +40. That's pretty good. Of course, you're going to make a Caravan. You should find at least 2 Rare Resources, and go ahead and get Merchants for them. Adapt to your resources so you don't waste any resources on having extra Citizens. You should have a Mountain that will give you +60 Metal.

Once you get your 1st Barracks up, your 1st HI should be ready. Have it go towards the enemy's direction to scout for Ruins. Research the HI upgrade immediately. While doing all this, create a Stables and research MIL 2. When your Stables is complete, you should have your General, 3 HI, and 1 HC. Keep all of them queued to make more. You should have enough Timber to make more Barracks, but you don't really need it. Build a University, and then make HA if you can't make HC's. Research COM 2 when you have enough Knowledge. Remember, keep making HI and HC!

With good micro, you should be able to take City after City... and if you don't, you'll constantly have reinforcements on the way, and you're still booming throughout all this! If you take a City, start razing immediately. Kill Citizens as well as Military. Do everything to slow your enemy down. It will feel as though there's no stopping the Roman Despot Rush... and well, it might very well be true.

Here's why:
Each HI after Despot is researched is really cheap, and I mean cheap! The Roman HI counters other HI, so the only counters to it are Foot Archers and War Elephants. The other catch... the Roman HI do some good damage to FA, and with the General, can survive longer with bonus armor, or can speed up movement with Forced March, or can sneak attack with Ambush. Anyways, to be safe, that's why you have HC's. What can counter the HC's? HI or HC's... and the Romans get the better end of that deal.

This could be an overpowered strategy... only time will tell. Oh, and the Japanese have it nice, too. However, the Romans early Wealth and free MIL 1 give them a better start, and much better resources to create HC's to back up their HI's.

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