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Saturday, May 01, 2004

RoN Oscar Speeches Part 4 of 10? (not sure anymore):
Best Team Player: {BLuT}1210MKII

Well, I really don't know anything other to say than I am kind of speechless. I was on vacation during the whole voting process and didn't even know, that
El Capitan put up this thing. All the more I am very happy about receiving the title "best team player" and I consider it a great reward, always willing to remember it in the future. For me, as a RoN player, it was always important to get in contact with many other guys, learning their kind of playing style AND getting to know them personally. I think these are the basics when it comes to team play because you can't team up with someone you wouldn't talk to when not playing. The second thing would be combining my personal weaknesses with my team partner's strengths and not trying to play a style my partner could do three times better. And most important of all, being tolerant and helpful at all times during a game offers a good starting point for flawless team play. I would like to thank everybody who voted for me, the whole RON community for keeping things going, especially El Capitan for his awesome work towards the RoN community.

Special thanks go to Gigi, 'cause he's gay. Cya in the lobby!

P.S. I am mostly looking forward to the new government system in the expansion, hoping it to initiate another level of gaming depth in RON.

{BLuT}1210MKII aka Chris

Best Clan Site: (Due to the controversy, both these clans are accepted) Infidels and RU

My Lords, Ladies, and Ronners.
We're positively overcome with delight at receiving this fine award for our website, though we are grateful for the recognition of the work that has gone into it. We, the Infidels, have put quite a bit of effort and thought into our site, but whether you think it is cool (or not), it is there for everyone to read and learn from - and its true to say that having such a resource available to all must improve the skills of the RoN community overall.

I have read countless articles on different Clan sites to try to improve my game (not much success there then), and I have been impressed by just how well written and intelligently thought out articles some of them are.

The Infidels is just one of many sites with stuff worth reading, and shows that in the fast moving world of computer games, there is a dedicated following for RoN who think it has more to offer than most other games (it kicks butt), even though it is not always in the bestseller's list.

The Infidel site has helped me get a lot more enjoyment out of the game, and a good laugh chatting about it too. Maybe you too will be tempted to write something more than just a few lines about RoN if you have enjoyed playing it as much as me.

So.. Well done to all that contributed to the Infidels site, in particular War and Playtime. War's RON strategy and information sections are second to none.

I would like to thank all of you who worked so tirelessly, Rap for his loonies and his prose, Terry for his 'joke' deptartment.

(dons huge pink ballgown)

It would not have been possible without you all.

(voice starts to break)

And I would like to thank my mother for having me

(wailing starts)

And and I love everybody in the world! Even horrible people! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone in the whole world.

(accepts Oscar from Billy Crystal, falls to floor, wailing and having a big faint)


Roman Units
First of all thanks to all that voted for us and also congrats too Infidels!

Our clan exist 4 years now and we started in Age of Empires. When RNn came out I was the first who was recruiting in the game and so we extended our clan with Rise of Nations.

As all know we have a very big clan, more then 100 members and about 20 in RoN. Therefore we have many visitors that come to our site. Also non RU members. Our visitors count from September 2002 is over 100,000 and that’s huge for a clan site.

Also our clan ranking is unique and many come to see how their clan is doing and what can be improved. Also this gives links to the other clans.

What can be improved on our site?

We are working on the clan ranking right now. We want it with some other categories, more info about the clan and most important the first 10 clans will be in graphics displayed. So easier to get a good view I guess.

Also the Strategy's page is up and there coming more and more on the page in time.

Strategies made by our members themselves!

We also working on a weekly review that one of our members is going to write.

About design and colors, I think it is personal for everybody, I like more warm colors the hard colors but I guess I am the only one.

Last I would like to say, and nothing versus PHP or HTML but our site is made in dotnet. It is fully automatically, the admins can update it themselves without knowledge of html or whatever program and without the webmaster. That makes it special too and I want to thank our admins for the work they do on our site so it is always up-to-date.

That all folks, thanks all.

Regards, _RU_Romulus (speaking for RU clan)

Best Scenario Designer: Daleran

I was asked to explain why I like to design scenarios instead of concentrate on actually playing the game. I thought to myself, why do I create scenarios more than play the game? As far back as I could remember I would play the game for about a week, then concentrate on the scenario editor. It went back to the days of Warcraft II. I figured out something, more about myself then anything. I can’t be satisfied by the bound the game creator has set for me. I can't just limit myself to the world I have been put in by the game creator. I have to push out and really set my own limits and bounds. If I want to battle the Imperial Japanese Fleet at Midway, by golly I should. And so I set myself to create a digitized world where I decide my fate, a world with no boundaries or limits, no rules or laws. And I figured, I wanted to share my world made of zeros and ones with everyone, let them see the wonders of imagination.

But one thing I thought was lacking from the Rise of Nations scenario editor was the inability to paint a picture of the world I wished to create more vividly. If it were up to me, I would love to see a single map with deep forests, vast deserts, tall grass stretching for miles, maybe even the dirt of a battle scarred valley or just a serene little village in a forest clearing.

I can't take all the credit though for winning this award. I would like to thank Darth Veda; because he makes these excellent scenarios that I have a lot of fun playing. His earlier scenarios really taught me how to script and I am happy to say that is why I am where I am today, because of Darth Veda. I would also like to thank RoN Oracle because they really set a base for me to continue my learning of the Rise of Nations script, and for something to do on those board summer days. I'd also like to thank my family, they are the ones that exposed me to computers at a young age, and I really think I have learned a lot in the past ten years I have operated a computer. I would really like to thank all the people out there that make Rise of Nations great.

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