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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

5 Expert Games of Butch
I smell a smurf. Butch, a French user, (and undefeated so far) reaches #2 in the Big Huge Ratings behind PCA_Frogman. One thing for sure, the French are beating up on the Americans and Romans in Rated games against some of the best players using them. Imagine that, the French! I guess it can only happen in a game. =p

The games can be found here at RonU.

Butch (French) vs. PCA_Frogman (Americans).rcx

PCA_Frogman starts off with a failed rush, but still maintains control for most of the game defensively until a direct flanking attack by Butch to PCA_Frogman's Capital changes the outcome of the game.

Butch (French) vs. AU_niDe (Bantu).rcx

AU_niDe with excellent Ancient Age raiding and great defenses against the constant assaults. He makes a mistake in not pushing through after pushing back those assaults, and Butch eventually gains the upper hand in Enlightenment Age.

Butch (French) vs. AU_tl (Romans).rcx

A fantastic game on Australian Outback. Butch once again keeps pressing the attack, and again keeps getting pushed back. AU_tl loses his first batch of fishing boats and comes back strong on the water, but neglects a large enough land army to take back his Capital.

Butch (French) vs. KIN (Americans) Game 1.rcx

KIN with early Ancient Age raiding. Typical French FA/HC Assault. Butch again with a failed initial assault. Lol.

Butch (French) vs. KIN (Americans) Game 2.rcx

KIN with a stronger early Ancient Age raid. Butch doesn't seem to panic much, and a ring-around-the-rosy micro ensues. The stronger early Ancient Age raid leaves KIN too far behind, and -hold on to your butts- Butch actually pulls through on the initial assault!

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