Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Aztec LI/HC Raid to Gunpowder Age
A new strategy which I would have tried out in the 1st T&P Smackdown on MFO had I been able to participate.

There are two games at RoNU vs. Amoun. Go here to get them.

Game 1: El_Capitan (Aztecs) vs. Amoun (Persians).rcx

Ancient Age raiding with LI and FA. Usually I wouldn't make as many FA, but I have to watch out for the ranged UU HI that the Persians have. I continue the raiding in Classical Age with LI and HC and continue to do so until Gunpowder Age when I mount my attack.

Game 2: El_Capitan (Aztecs) vs. Amoun (Russian).rcx

I have to take a different approach due to the Russian attrition. I go for a semi-fast Classical for Despotism in order to get the General and nullify the attrition when I start my LI/HC raid. I continue raiding until Gunpowder Age and my concentration is in gaining edge cities to slowly drain his resources while gaining mine until I can mount an attack on his Capital that will hold.

Strategy: The build order will differ on certain maps, and against different Nations. The premise is to raid mainly with LI in Ancient Age, and using a few FA for support. This is to slow your opponent down and scouting out potential raiding areas in the future. When you reach Classical Age, continue to raid, but only using LI and HC, using the leftover FA you had in Ancient Age to raid as well or stationed at your Capital in case of a HI rush. Don't waste time getting HA. The reason for this is that your LI and HC will stay alive longer, and they will kill all units rather well except for HI. The great thing about that is that if your opponent does build HI, you're eventually going to take them down when you reach Gunpowder Age, which will usually be at around 12:00 - 14:00 minutes. HI won't be able to take down your raiders anyway because of their slow speed (know when to retreat! Raiding is a hit and run tactic, not hit and die), and Militia will get killed by your HC. Make sure to make some Siege on your way up, so right when you research Democracy, Arquebusiers, and your HC upgrade, you can mount your attack. If you raided correctly, your army should outnumber your opponent's. Plus, you can spam Barracks to make your army larger, meanwhile getting +60 resources to feed your battles.

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