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Friday, June 04, 2004

The French FA/HC Assault
Well, I made up a new strat today at the request of Zurtech for the French. It may be overpowered. =p

This was also my first game playing as the French since the expansion.

Go here to check out the game against PCA_Frogman.

It was against the nerfed Spanish, but having played the Spanish recently, they're still pretty good with using the Fast HC/FA raid (plus, they counter the French pretty well with their UU HI). In this game, PCA_Frogman had no Timber at his 2nd City, so he decided to go for an Ancient Age 3rd City to find Timber, which pretty much slowed him down from doing the Fast HC/FA raid and put him on the defensive (which is rarely good).

Anyways, being the French, I had no Timber problems. The premise of the French FA/HC Assault isn't focused on your economy, though. You can do a French 100 or French 150, but it all depends on how much Knowledge you're accumulating. As long as it's at +20 to +40, you're fine. You can go either way with researching MIL 1 in Ancient Age, or do the Delayed Despotism MIL (meaning you go up to Classical Age, research Despotism, and then research the cheaper MIL 1 and MIL 2).

Build your Stables first to raid with HC. Then build your Barracks next and upgrade your FA. Then, build your Siege Factory for your Supply Wagon. Get your economy stabilized, and make sure to get as much Food and Metal as you can with 2 Cities. If you don't find any Rares that will give you Knowledge, build a University or two. Research COM 2. Now, this part's all micro.

1. Keep making HC.
2. Keep making FA.
3. Make sure you have 2 or 3 Catapults.
4. Protect your Supply Wagon.
5. Assault and keep taking down military buidings and cities.

How do you keep making HC and FA? Simple. Sell your Food and extra Timber. You won't need Food after you max your economy except to get to Medieval Age. You'll also have a lot of extra Timber leftover.

The French HC are the toughest in the game supported by tons of FA, and they get Supply Wagons that heal in enemy territory. Nothing should be able to get close to your army while you're doing your assault. This strategy for the French is probably overpowered. Maybe even more so than the Romans and Americans. I'd suggest this strategy for everyone wanting to improve their battle micro. Micro your FA against HI, and your HC against anything else, and move your Supply Wagon and General around so they don't get killed. Also, make sure your siege are safe as well.

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