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Friday, June 18, 2004

Nation Combo Strategies For AOI's Summer Festival 3vs3
Since it's on the Random Nation settings, it's going to be about how to deal with the Nations that each player is drawn. Not only will players and teams have to decide about player-matchups, but also take into consideration the Nations as well. For instance, if you get Maya and the enemy closest to you is Americans, you might want to get your teammate to help you and help defend that side. These things get tricky.

Here's an example of how the best matchup's should work (# = order of Best Players... #1 beats #2, etc.):

Map = Old World

Team 1:
#1 Player - L Side - Greeks
#4 Player - Pocket - Nubians
#5 Player - R Side - Aztecs

Team 2:
#2 Player - Pocket - Turks
#3 Player - L Side - Mongols
#6 Player - R Side - French

Team 2 clearly has the better overall Nations. Player #3 with the Mongols has a good chance to keep Player #1 with Greeks pretty busy. Player #2 can help out #3 and roll through #1. However, that gives #4 ample time to boom with Nubians, so #4 either has to help #1 out at the beginning, or boom fast and hope that #1 can hold off the double (which won't be likely).

#5 and #6 should be going against each other head-to-head, but the advantage is with the French FA/HC Assault... even thought he Aztec LI/HC Raid to Gunpowder is pretty good.


Team 1:
#1 Player - L Side - Greeks (Fast Medieval with HC and FA defense against #2 and #3)
#4 Player - Pocket - Nubians (Fast Gunpowder with FA defense for backup to #1 until Gunpowder to attack #2)
#5 Player - R Side - Aztecs (LI/HC Defense to Gunpowder)

Team 2:
#2 Player - Pocket - Turks (Super Fast Classical to Catapults and HI/FA)
#3 Player - L Side - Mongols (Super Fast Classical HA/LC Raid)
#6 Player - R Side - French (French FA/HC Assault)

Team 2 will win unless #1 can hold off the double long enough and #4 can boom fast enough to take out #2. #4 can give #1 some Wealth to sling the Greeks to a 8-9 minute Gunpowder as well. #2 and #3 should be doubling #1, and if #4 can't take out #2, then they need to hope that #5 can take out #6 to help take out #2 before #1 is taken out... but that's not likely.

Nation Combo's

Spanish/Nubian/Dutch - The Spanish player should communicate where all the most important, then closest rare resources are first. Then the best spot for forward 2nd Cities where Timber and Mountains are located.

Spanish/Dutch/British - On water maps, the Spanish and Dutch should start out on early fishing boat raids.

French/Roman/Mongol - Triple, double, or head-to-head, these Nations are monster Classical Age assault Nations. French FA/HC Assault, Roman Despot Rush, and the Mongol Delayed MIL3 HC/HA Assault.

Mongols/Turks/Iroquois - These 3 Nations can do a Fast 2:30 Classical and engage an enemy in 3:30 or 4:00 with 4 HA and 2 LC (Mongols), 4 Catapults and 2 HI and 2 FA (Turks), and 5 HI and 3 LI (Iroquois). A great 3vs1 Nation Combo.

Lakota/Chinese/Russians - Although pretty weak Nations besides the Chinese, the Lakota can flank behind enemy lines and build Cities where the Chinese and Russian teammates can build their own 3rd Cities. This brings in a direct early attack to enemy Capitals or if the Capitals were moved, the most important economical City. Not only that, but they can do very well with a defensive territory victory.

Americans/Egyptians/Indians - Egyptians with the Fast Hanging Gardens, Americans with the Fast Medieval TCA, and the Indians with Wonders that hardly ramp in cost. They can easily amass a great number of Wonders for a Wonder Victory.

Americans/Aztecs/British - These Nations can be aggressive early on, or decide to wait until Gunpowder or Enlightenment Age when they're strongest. It would be hard pressed to stop these Nations in the late ages.

Spanish/Indians/Aztecs - These Nations are probably the best 3 to have in the end in Gunpowder Age setting. The Spanish have ranged HI, the Indians with their cheap War Elephants are deadly to take down, and the Aztecs are at their peak in Gunpowder Age.

Greeks/Inca/Nubians - These Nations can be great boomers, especially on a non-water map. The Inca can do a Fast 2:00 Classical and mine metal early by doing a SCI 1 and COM 1 start. Then sling the Greeks by giving them Wealth early in the game. That's all the Greeks need to make a 8-9 minute Gunpowder Age. The Nubians can boom well enough on their own, and can help the Inca in case they get attacked early. Inca mass HC with Nubian mass FA are a deadly combo.

Romans/Japanese/Mongols - Another great 3vs1 Rush/Assault combo.

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