Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

News Dues....
It's been a busy few weeks. It took a while, but I'm finally there!

It looks like everybody's itching for a tournament to see who the best players are.

There are 3 different opinions as to how I consider who the "best players" are:

1. Same Nations: This tests the player's abilities, sometimes the map may be more favorable on one side, but the Nations are the same, making sure that only the better player comes out with the win. Chance is minimal. Micro and Tactical skill comes into major play here. Most tournaments will use these type of rules to ensure fairness, and not let the imbalance of the game affect player skill.

2. Choosing Nations: This tests the player's innovation. Regardless of the map, each player chooses the best Nation they believe can win. Lame strategies, exploits, overpowered units, they're all fair game. Strategy and Intelligence comes into major play here. Rated games should be the arena to see what the best Nations and Strategies are, and the players who put them to good use.

3. Random Nations: This tests the player's judgement and adaptability. They will have to make the best out of a weak Nation, and play almost flawlessly in order to eck out the win. Pefection and Reaction Speed comes into major play here. Mostly used in non-rated games where people play for fun, players will experiment and see what works and doesn't until a competitive game comes along where they will need to know for sure.

Balance and Strategy: Dutch seems to be on a hard track to becoming overpowered the more I play them. I've also been playing around with the Iroquois, and will have my thoughts for them, too. I've been thinking of a strategy for the Persians using a 3 City Ancient Age Border Push. Hopefully if I have time, I can get a strategy for India, too.

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