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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Player Match-up Strategies For AOI's Summer Festival 3vs3
AOI is hosting a 3vs3 Clan Tournament for RoN T&P this Saturday June 19th, 2004, and you can find the official details here.

It's been a slow week for me, so all I've got to share is a bit of strategic tidbits:

Player Match-ups. It's always good to size up your opposition, and how your own team matches up in comparison.

Head-to-Head - If you feel that each player on your team can match up in a head-to-head game with your opponent's, then each player will have to be aggressive. This means that the side players engage in an attack with their side enemies, and the pocket player focuses on taking out the enemy pocket player. Most games like this end up with the side players raiding in Ancient or Classical Age, followed by a Classical or Medieval Assault. The pocket players usually boom to Gunpowder or Enlightenment Age in order to start their attack. If one of your teammates get doubled, the one getting doubled should play defensively and hold it off while your other teammates can profit from the mismatch.

2vs1 Raid - If you feel that one player may be a little slow on your team, or that your opposition has a stronger player that no one can match in a head-to-head confrontation, then a 2vs1 might be in order. Usually if one of your teammate's is a bit slow, you can help them by raiding their opponent. Not a lot of resources go into helping your teammate in this way, so the guy who is doing the doubling isn't being slowed down too much.

2vs1 Assault/Defense - If the opposing team has a strong player that no one on your team can handle alone, then it is best to double that player. The opposing team can respond in three ways: let their teammate get doubled to hold out for as long as possible while taking out their prospective enemy (this means the enemy that is doing the doubling is probably not very defensively prepared in his own territory); help the player who is getting doubled; or, double the other side and hope that your own double can break through faster than their double. *It's usually not advisable to double the weaker side.

3vs1 Rush/Assault - The more risk, the more rewards. There is no stopping a triple rush/assault by a single player, but communication is vital in order for this to be pulled off in winning the game. What happens here is one player makes HI and LI in Ancient Age (the closest side doing the rushing), another player makes HI and FA in Ancient Age (preferably the pocket player), and the other side player does a fast Classical to get HC and/or LC. They should all send a Citizen to the closest rusher's territory to build their Barracks and/or Stables to attack from there. In 4 minutes, one player is already eliminated. This makes it a 3vs2 game, and if the opposing team doesn't handle this triple correctly, the game might already be over.

The person who gets the Sack Bonus should begin to boom with the resources that they have (most likely one of the two players who made HI). The other player who made HI's should go up to Classical and engage in raiding the pocket player. Meanwhile, with the remaining HI army supported by HC and LC should go towards the enemy pocket player's Capital and try to get the Sack Bonus there. The HC/LC maker should focus on taking out their prospective side enemy. The one with the Sack Bonus should boom to Gunpowder or Enlightenment Age, while the other player keeps raiding and engages in a Medieval Age assault.

Stopping the 3vs1 Rush/Assault - The way to stop this is to make sure that each player sends at least 1 Citizen to each of your teammate's territories at the start... garrison them in your teammate's Capital to ensure their safety. Scouting the enemy will be essential, and the triple rush can be stopped if your team adequately prepares for it. If the triple cannot be stopped, then the side player who is facing the Fast Classical side enemy must engage in an immediate Classical/Medieval Age assault and take that side player out while the pocket player holds off the double. The pocket player should have adequate defense (4-5 FA, and 2-3 HC) and begin a Medieval Age assault on the player that didn't get the Capital Sack. You can figure that out by looking at the mini-map and border colors. (Be sure to leave that 4-5 FA and 2-3 HC at the Capital if the enemy didn't follow up with their 2nd Rush Assault.)

I think the 3vs1 Rush/Assaults are the most interesting games to play and watch because they involve the most teamwork.

Coming up next: Nation-Combo Strategies

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