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Saturday, July 17, 2004

El_Capitan's Balance and Learning Games
Watch and learn from 3 recorded games here.
El_Capitan (Rdm- Russians) vs. TWC_Demon (Rdm- French).rcx
A great game. Even though I was Russians against his French, I thought I was doing well up until the point when I was planning an attack building a Siege Factory and 2 Catapults which were never used. I should have kept on the defensive since my economy was doing rather well considering the match-up. One thing that irritated me was the "Defensive" stance of my units from the dropped observers. Some of my military units kind of stood around watching the po' folks die.
I rate the French as the best and overpowered Nation, and the Russians are at best a Mid Tier Nation with Fishing, or underpowered without fishing (if they can get away with a boomfest and put their Capital in the front, or use a Passive-Aggressive Boom, they stand a better chance).  Still, as you can see in the game, I had a better economy for most of the game, but blew it on wasting resources to build a Seige Factory and 2 Catapults.  That could have let me make 4 extra military units just to fend off his assaults.  It would have been nice to play that part over again to see how much of a difference it would have made.
Plus, "Defensive" stances aren't very good, especially for Stables units.  One trick I use is to Hotkey all my Military Buildings and set a Rally point slightly before, or past the point I want them to attack-move once they're created.  I can then micro those units to retreat to the back of the line, or keep sending them forward (this way, they're always attacking).  When they're on "Defensive" stance, some units may not be firing on an enemy, and that may decide the outcome of important battles.  The worst thing to have are idle HC, especially with a battle going on.  Sometimes they'll get hit, charge toward that unit, and then double back (basically getting wounded for no good reason).  Every good player should have their units set default to "Aggressive" stance.  It takes extra micro, but if you're not fighting with your military units, they should be on the way to a fight, or garrisoned inside buildings.  You can change small groups of fighting units to different stances in the game (like raiding with "Raid" stance) using certain hotkeys.
El_Capitan (Rdm- Iroquois) vs. TuF_Lex (Rdm- Lakota).rcx
This one I just HAVE to show! At first, I was just going to Ancient Raid, and then I meet up with Lex's Citizens. Then, I decide to Kamikaze Rush. Then I see him building his Barracks, and attack that with my HI. That's not the best part though... look at Lex's first Dock and fishing boat. =p
The Iroquois are a good Top Tier Nation, and in my opinion, the best Nation that can Kamikaze Rush in T&P effectively.  The Lakota... well, they don't have many good options and are at best a Mid Tier Nation with Fishing, and underpowered without.  Great Lakes is probably the Lakota's best map, but even then, a quick Kamikaze Rush will give them trouble.  The Balance between two Nations should never be lopsided like this.  The balance testing should have included Iroquois vs. Lakota Kamikaze Rushes for different maps to see if the Lakota could ever stop it.  Then, play a few games where the Lakota player never really knows if they'll be rushed or not by the Iroquois.  I'd bet a hundred dollars the Iroquois beat Lakota at least 9 times out of 10.  That is if I played Iroquois, and anyone else played Lakota.  =p
El_Capitan (Rdm- Mongols) vs. TuF_Lex (Rdm- Romans).rcx
This was a better Nation match-up. He rushed, stopped my Barracks from being made... so I went Classical to get HA/LC. That's not why I'm showing this one though. There will come a time very rarely when someone rushes and takes one of your outer cities. When that happens, build another city ASAP. Then, take the city that you just lost back. In the beginning of the game like this one, it can aid you tremendously.
The Mongols are definitely a Top Tier Nation.  Not quite overpowered, but on the verge if they can get an early MIL 3 research.  The Romans are definitely overpowered, but not as much as the French and Americans are.  Once they get to Classical with Despotism, they are in very good shape.
Tuf_Lex uses an akward variation of a Kamikaze Rush by building a FA with HI.  It pretty much puts him at a disadvantage because that's not where the Roman's advantage lie.  It's more of an Ancient Raid turned into a Rush from the looks of it, but he does a good job of moving his HI to investigate a Barracks being made.  Anyways, never panic, and always have a 2nd plan.  My plan was to get to Classical and get MIL 2 and then 2 Stables up for 4 HA and an LC.  Right when my 2nd City got captured, I built another 2nd City for 60 Food and 60 Timber.  I used my 4 Citizens to attack his FA, used my 4 HA on "Raid" stance to attack his HI while moving, and then my LC to attack his remaining FA.
When I take the original 2nd City back, you'll see me with 3 Cities total, but only having CIV 1 researched.  That saves me 144 Food for that research I don't have to do, and 50 Food and 50 Timber from the ramp cost of what a 3rd City would have cost me.  Plus, I get an extra Caravan route (2 extra Caravan routes once I got COM 2 researched).  A very fast economic boom from what seems a dismal start.
Well, I hope someone learned something new from watching these games.  =p

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