Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

El_Capitan's Inca HC Metal Workers United Strategy
You can see the 3 Games with the new strategy and the 2 extra here and here:

El_Capitan (Rdm- Inca) vs. _FYWKY_OptimumAcid (Inca).rcx

Head-to-head Inca vs. Inca. The first test of the HC-MWU strategy, don't take your Citizens off Farms, take them off Timber istead.

El_Capitan (Inca) vs. TuF_Raider_ (Rdm- Egyptians) Game 1.rcx

Inca map, and TuF_Raider_ does well to stop the initial HC raiding, but not enough Wealth to stop them forever. Note the Citizens coming off of Timber this time.

El_Capitan (Inca) vs. TuF_Raider_ (Iroquois) Game 2.rcx

The HC-MWU is vulnerable to an Ancient Age attack, especially coming from the Iroquois. However, the Wealth from fishing helped, and although I didn't immediately take to mass mining in Classical Age, I did end up getting there to follow up on the original plan.

Overview: The main bonus for the Inca is the gathering of Wealth when mining Metal. Thus, to exploit it efficiently, you need to go to Classical Age at a reasonable time. There are variations of getting to a fast Classical with the Inca, mostly SCI 1 and COM 1 Classical, but that leaves them vulnerable to early Ancient Age raiding and rushes.

The strategy is mainly a Build Order: SCI 1, CIV 1, COM 1, MIL 1, Classical Age. When you get to Classical Age, you want to build your 1st Stables and research MIL 2. Hopefully you'll have 120 Timber left over, take as many Citizens to max out 2 Mountains, taking them away from Timber gathering (use your Food to make Citizens to put on Timber). What this does is give you immediate Metal and Wealth, instead of a cumulative gain. You can buy/sell trade at the market after researching COM 2. Your economy just doubled! You'll see your Metal and Wealth well over +100 immediately. Keep pumping out HC to raid, and then build a University for enough Knowledge for COM 2, and then your Senate. You can boom, but it's much better attacking early since your economy should be much better than your opponent's. Build your 1st Barracks, then your Siege Shop, then your 2nd Stables, and then when you get to Medieval Age, your 2nd Barracks.

Remember, raiding is the key, and until you mass enough of an army, you can start your attack.


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