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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Expanded Hostilities DAY 1 Results
DAY 1 of the MFO/BHG Expanded Hostilities ended today.   Of the 176 players that signed up, 83 players actually made it to play.

DAY 2 starts tomorrow with the Quarterfinals.  The Quarterfinals are still single-elimination matches.   Semi-Finals and Finals matches will be best of three.

(#) denotes seed number:

Bracket 1:  DaRq_Vorfidus (13) vs. AU_bird (9)

Bracket 2:  TWC_ShaDowZ (2) vs. FrustrationLife (6)

Bracket 3:  El_Capitan (3) vs. ROSA_SHIMAKO (11)

Bracket 4:  TinTin1225 (n/a) vs. Tascan (n/a) 

In Bracket 1, DaRq_Vorfidus (13) defeats both Randy (17) and PCA_Frogman (1) while AU_bird (9) defeats both WH_Forsaken (n/a) [who eliminated liupang (21)] and _Lex_JoRt_ (25) [who eliminated PCA_mell (5)].  This must have been an exciting Bracket with all the upsets!

In Bracket 2, TWC_ShadowZ (2) defeats both 4Stars (30) and AU_Wolf (18) while FrustrationLife (6) defeats WH_LordAOF (22) [who eliminated  [FIN]NuuK_ (10)].  The only upset seems to be with WH_LordAOF vs. [FIN]NuuK_, which should be a pretty good game to watch.

In Bracket 3, El_Capitan (3) defeats RomanGladius (19) [who eliminated TuF_Revenger (15)] while ROSA_SHIMAKO (11) defeats PCA_bydesign (n/a) [who eliminated TWC_Pride (27)].  I'm surprised PCA_bydesign didn't get a seed.

In Bracket 4, TinTin1225 (n/a) defeats HeaveNs_ReQuieM (20) while Tascan (n/a) defeats all three higher-seeded players: One Tough Raider (12) [who eliminated Zupanjac (24)], PCA_yuu_rerise (8), and MiPod (28).  TinTin1225 is a smurf, and Tascan was surprisingly not seeded.

As far as seeing what Nations were used, it's hasn't been perfect.  But here's what I know:

DaRq_Vorfidus (13) used Iroquois, and Americans.
AU_bird (9) used Iroquois, Romans, Dutch, and French.

TWC_ShaDowZ (2) used Germans, Britains, and Romans.
FrustrationLife (6) used Germans, French, and Americans.

El_Capitan (3) used Spanish, Iroquois, and Mongols.
ROSA_SHIMAKO (11) used Maya, Dutch, Chinese, and Americans.

TinTin1225 (n/a) used Maya, Japanese, Inca, and Chinese.
Tascan (n/a) used Americans, Aztecs, British, and French.

Best of luck tomorrow!

P.S. All the winning recorded games should be posted at MFO once the tournament is finished.  However, if you want to watch some of them now, go to RoNU, BC, PCA, and AU.

Also, be sure to check out Pete's Blog for some pretty cool Battle Reports on today's Tourney.

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