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Friday, July 09, 2004

Forcing Your Opponent To Make A Decision He Doesn't Want To Make
Update: 2 games featuring me forcing decisions and not getting forced into one at RonU.

Nation Specific Strategies (NSS) enable players to win efficiently with the least amount of resistance. To counter those strategies, you have to force the opponent to make a decision he doesn't want to make. Most NSS's are forcing enemy's to make a decision they don't want to make, which means they're countering their first move before the game even starts. Nation Specific Strategies are basically guidelines with a build order. Disrupt that build order, and that NSS is less effective.

For instance, someone doing a Drunken Strategy (meaning sending 1 HI over in Ancient Age to harass your Citizens) wants you to make a Barracks and a Foot Archer to slow you down from doing a Fast Classical Raid. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't. However, you have to think a few steps ahead because if your enemy can't do a Fast Classical Raid, he might just decide to try and outboom you because of your slower start. If they do plan on continuing with a Fast Classical Raid, you'll notice it won't be very fast.

One of the biggest tactical plays in the game, and throughout history, has been distraction. It's like assaulting an enemy 2nd City while raiding at the Capital at the same time. The enemy has to respond to both situations, and the more critical one, first. Another instance that is very good to use is a two-pronged attack. Sometime between early Classical and Medieval Age, make 6 HI (if in Medieval Age, add a Catapult or two). Take those units with your General and flank along your enemy's borders, careful not to be seen. Use a small distracting force to attack your enemy's 2nd or 3rd City, and retreat. It's most likely that you'll be outnumbered, but that's alright. While you were hitting your enemy's 2nd or 3rd City, your small force of HI and Catapults should be hitting the enemy Capital, staying alive to get the Sack Bonus and retreat while razing their WoodCutter's Camps, Mines, Library, and Farms. This gives you sufficient resources to build a larger army and continue the original attack, gaining the enemy's 2nd or 3rd City.

Your opponent is forced to send his main army to take back his Capital, or he is bound to lose. However, that lets you take his 2nd or 3rd City barely without a fight.

There are many strategies to employ in this kind of endeavor, and it gets really good when you have to make a decision you don't want to make, but in turn do the same for your enemy. Every hit has a counter, and every counter has an escape.

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