Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Saturday, July 10, 2004

French No Rax Attack
How good are the French? Good enough to not need a Barracks or Barracks units to win.

Watch two fun-filled games at RoNU.

El_Capitan French No Rax 1vs1 BloodBath.rcx

First, me and BloodBath have a little fun... well, maybe just me. It dawns on me... what would happen if I tried to win without ever building a Barracks?

El_Capitan 2vs2 French+French No Rax.rcx

Me and Bloodbath have it in for PCA_Frogman and _kOp_, but we don't follow through too well. All that Food and Timber was tempting to make LI, but one must not give in! Selling it for 20 Wealth was just not what I had in mind, either. Watch PCA_Frogman with his trickiness at the end!

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