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Monday, July 26, 2004

KRG_RedFish Hosting 1vs1 Aztec vs. Aztec "Sacrifice" Tournament
The tournament will take place in UNRATED 8 at 1700 GMT on Sunday, August 1st.  To make it simple, just sign up here.  There are also very many sites to sign-up at, but I don't want KRG_RedFish going head over heels trying to find the new entries.

You can also find the Tourney Details here.

This looks like a very fun tournament.  Basically, it's Aztec vs. Aztec only, and the Map is pre-set for each round of the tourney.  The only random luck factor will be who gets the better Rare Resources on their side at the start, but that doesn't happen often.

It's a great tourney for people looking for competitive games, and for people getting used to tournament settings.  It's also the best time to learn as much as you can about 1 of the 24 Nations in T&P since there will be plenty of other players who will be doing the same.  The Aztecs are a Juggernaut Nation, so players should be warned not to fall behind in military prowess.  Every game will be bloody as hell, like how most die hards want their steak.

Sign up now!

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