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Thursday, July 01, 2004

MFO/BHG Expanded Hostilities 1vs1 Tournament! Nation Picking Strategies
You can find the Tournament Details and sign-ups here.

My suggestion for this type of tournament actually went through! Yay!

What this means is that you won't see the tournament filled with just American's vs. American's or French vs. Romans, etc. You'll see it all! There's no "chance" of getting an underpowered Nation by having the Tournament setting be "Random Nations". Imagine a Random Nation Tournament and getting Maya against someone who gets Romans! Not fair if you ask me. And instead of banning 25% of the "overpowered" Nations, you can see the Top Players using them IF they can survive getting to the Quarter-Finals on up by using the other 25% that aren't Overpowered.

There's a lot more strategy involved here than meets the eye. You can see quite a few upsets happening. For instance, depending on the number of people playing, expect there to be 5 Rounds leading up to the Quarter-Finals. Quarter-Finals will be just one game, and Semi-Finals will have 2 games with the possibility of a 3rd, and the same for the Finals.

5 Rounds = 5 Nations
Quarter/Semi/Final Rounds = 5 Nations + 2 Back-ups

So each player who plans on getting to the Final games will need to plan ahead in choosing 12 Nations. The order for choosing those Nations will play a VERY IMPORTANT factor in this tournament!

Nation Picking Strategies:

Write up a list of your 12 Best Nations to use from Best to Worse, or Worse to Best. Wait until the Players are Seeded and the Brackets are up. Until then, you know which Nations you will have to practice with before the Tournament begins.

Nation Picking Strategy for Low-Seeded Players:

Most of the Low-Seeded players will end up playing the High or Mid-Seeded players in the 1st Round. What this means is that they should most likely choose the Best Nation to use in the 1st Round to stand a chance. It's single elimination... what's the point in saving the Best Nations for last when you'll never get there past the 1st Round?

Round 1 - 1st Best Nation
Round 2 - 5th Best Nation if Round 1 was against High-Seed or 2nd Best Nation if Round 1 was against Mid-Seed
Round 3 - 3rd Best Nation
Round 4 - 2nd Best Nation if going against a High-Seed or 4th Best Nation if going against a Mid-Seed
Round 5 - 2nd Best Nation or 4th Best Nation... the Nation you didn't use in Round 4.
Quarter-Finals - 6th Best Nation
Semi-Finals - 7th, 8th, and 9th Best Nations
Finals - 10th, 11th, and 12th Best Nations

Nation Picking Strategy for Mid-Seeded Players:

Most of the Mid-Seeded Players will end up going against another Mid-Seeded Player or Low-Seeded Player in the 1st Round. It's best to survive the 1st Round since you'll end up going against a High-Seeded Player in the next four Rounds. Hope for another Mid or Low-Seeded Player in the 2nd Round. You're trying to make it into the Quarter-Finals with your Best Nation, and you might have a decent shot at the Semi-Finals and Finals as long as you win the first 2 games each time.

Round 1 - 10th Best Nation
Round 2 - 9th Best Nation
Round 3 - 6th Best Nation
Round 4 - 5th Best Nation
Round 5 - 4th Best Nation
Quarter-Finals - 1st Best Nation
Semi-Finals - 2nd, 7th, and 11th Best Nation
Finals - 3rd, 8th, and 12th Best Nation

Nation Picking Strategy for High-Seeded Players:

Most of the High-Seeded Players will end up playing a Low-Seeded Player or end up getting a BYE. Either way, it's going to be tough for you each and every game Round. For the rest of the way up to the Finals, you'll most likely be playing against players using Americans, French, Romans, Nubians, etc. It's best to use your own judgement as to which Nation's you're going to use, and when. What you want to do is pace yourself, but carefully analyze your opponent to see how they're using their Nation Picking Strategy.

Round 1 - 12th Best Nation
Round 2 - 11th Best Nation
Round 3 - 10th Best Nation
Round 4 - 9th Best Nation
Round 5 - 6th Best Nation
Quarter-Finals - 5th Best Nation
Semi-Finals - 4th, 3rd/1st, and 8th/2nd Best Nations (if you lose the 1st Game, use your 1st Best Nation in the 2nd Game; if you win the 2nd Game, use your 2nd Best Nation in the 3rd Game)
Finals - 2nd/3rd, 1st/7th, and 7th/8th Best Nations (if you lost the 1st Game in the Semi-Finals and changed your line-up, then you'll only have your 3rd, 7th, and 8th Best Nations to use in the Finals).

These Nation Picking Strategies should be used as a guideline, not exactly used to the book. Just use your best judgement. Pace yourself if you can, and pick a strong Nation if you know you're outmatched skill-wise. You never know who you'll end up facing in any given round, so don't be afraid to use your Best Nation and adjust your left-over Nations later.

To those participating, good luck, have fun... and see you in the Finals! =p

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